Saturday, September 10, 2011

Assumptions, Accusations, & Accidents (and then a little something funny)

Friday was not my day, and as I type this, it's not over yet so who knows what is yet to come.

I'm not usually one to whine or vent too much (well...ok so I do sometimes but usually over stupid boys stuff and this is not that so deal with it). I usually avoid drama at all costs. Like I will physically turn and walk out of a drama filled situation as opposed to participating in it. I don't incite riots. I don't insult people. I think I'm a pretty decent person.

I guess some people think things to the contrary. I'm not going to go into details because that's not what this is about. It's about me getting my feelings hurt simply because someone has chosen to make assumptions about my character and my intentions that are completely unfounded and untrue.

It sucks. But I am smart enough to know that you can't change someone's mind when it is closed so I will let it be.

Shortly after dealing with that craziness, I find out that my beautiful, sweet high school freshman cousin has been in a horrible car accident on her way to school. She was taken first to the small local hospital that my sister works at. My sister didn't know who had been in the accident until she saw her brought into the ER. It was shocking to her to see it was our cousin to say the least. There we two other girls in the car as well who were both injured, but she was the most critical.

She was stabilized at that hospital and then life-flighted to a larger hospital here in the city for surgery. The injuries are extensive and critical. At this point, nothing is definite. We welcome your prayers.

You know that problem I was complaining about before? What problem? That matters nothing in comparison to this. Perspective literally slapped me in the face with this one. Bullshit will come and go, but family... that is important and that is forever. Hug your loved ones tight.

And just because I need something stupid and funny to distract me, I am including a video that if nothing else, could make me smile from the sheer stupidity of it.  Batmanning anyone??


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with your cousin and your family. I have a serious problem with planking and owling and now Batmanning? Oh sweet gentle Jesus. This is too much. Those other assholes have a chance of catching themselves but these guys....well they are going to fall straight on their empty heads!

  2. Batmanning > Planking, but not by much.

    What's next. Air angels? (people doing slow jumping jacks in public...)

  3. Praying for a positive outcome for your cousin!!! xoxox

  4. Prayers and thoughts, inclusive of positive vibrations are winging their way to your cousin my friend! XxxXXxxX

  5. You're cousin has been in my thoughts since I was informed of her accident. Stay strong, sweetie. *hugs*

  6. any news on this? i've been thinking of you + hoping for the best for your cousin xo


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