Friday, August 12, 2011

"Soft-Core Friday" - Which came first?

Hey kids, Happy Friday! I'm not here today, or for the next few days as I have jetted off to a not-so-exotic destination for a long weekend.

I thought today I would take a humorous spin on my normally racy "Soft-Core Friday" posting. It's my blog, I'll do as I please, thank you very much.

I was standing at the pharmacy waiting on an RX recently and happened to take a glance over to my left. And what do I see?  These two books, side by side on the shelf.

Coincidence? I think not!

It's like the "chicken or the egg" argument in my opinion, do you deal with screwed-up people because you date online or do you date online because you deal with screwed up people.... I'm going to mull this one over for the weekend. Any thoughts on this?


  1. hahaha. love it. We all know my experiences with online dating and I have to ponder this one for a while. Unfortunately you can't hide from screwed up people even if you avoid online dating (like I do now) but man there are some whack jobs on those sites. hahaha. thanks for the early Friday morning giggle.

  2. I met my current girlfriend online. Not on a dating site, mind you, but on World of Warcraft.

    Let the laughter and judging begin...

  3. I have found Blogger to be a great place to meet screwed up people.

  4. I'm with Jewels...

    A coworker of mine recently turned down a new job. The guy who interviewed her, someone who she had never met before, was giving off weird vibes. She thought something was fishy and not just in Denmark.

    This morning she got an email from the guy who interviewed her. He said "...I've left the company...I might have stayed if you would have signed on."


    He went on to tell her about his divorce and how he had to quit to sort it out and also figure out custody of his children.

    At this point if I was a woman (hell a man even!!!) I'd be getting a little creeped out right now.

    "By the way, how'd you like to come down to my boat this weekend?"

    Eeewww! Whack job!!


  5. Screwed up people come in all shapes and sizes, getting away from them is nearly impossible especially if you find yourself in or near a metropolitan area, it comes with the territory.

    Online dating has never been my thing. I like the face-to-face interaction too much to trade it in for an AIM or Skype account. You have talked about "dialing it back" this summer. Maybe an online romance is the middle ground by still having the ability to "play" but doing so at an arms reach? Great read as always, enjoy the vacation.

  6. I met Bruce online. I met a few nice guys online come to think of it. I've met some screwed up people online and I've met some screwed up people on Blogger and in life.

  7. Wow....ummmm....yeah....hmmm...
    Dont wanna get all serious as I don't know you from a bar of soap but....hmmm...awesomely awesome post.
    I'm screwed up and I went down the online thing too...I think I screwed that up as well lol...
    Im gonna follow you I a professional, writerly way of course

  8. we're all screwed up. such is life. it's easier to hide if you date online, i imagine.

  9. It's like THEY KNOW. O_O

    I can't wait for you to get home so that I can hear about your holiday, my RandyGirl.~

  10. I thought you all might appreciate that little bit of irony as much as I did.... I agree with Kat, it's like THEY KNOW!

    @Wow: I don't know what you are talking about, everyone I have met on Blogger has been lovely, just truly lovely!

    @Dillon: Thanks for the comment. I agree, it is not just online and is especially common in any type of metro area, but I like to just think of it is "diversity" instead of craziness.

    @Lost: WoW? That joke writes itself but you seem to have gotten more than world domination from that game, you got a real life woman. Good on you! I bet that wasn't on the description as a possible side effect huh?

    And welcome aboard @Dan, hope you enjoy following me... I mean my blog... around.

  11. Not sure if the two books compliment each other or cancel each other out.


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