Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Soft-Core Friday" - Taking it Offline and Into the Real World

Happy Friday, and better yet, happy "Soft-Core Friday" here at Random Girl.

So for this "Soft-Core", I thought I would take a look at taking an online friendship to the real world. And yes, there is a reason I'm talking about this now.

The stars have aligned and an interesting opportunity has presented itself. This opportunity consists of me meeting up with a fellow blogger. Of the male variety. In a very fun city. For an entertaining night on the town.  I hope fear shenanigans may ensue.

I am the first one to go head first into a new adventure so I am looking quite forward to this little meet up. After a little planning (all of which he has coordinated impressively enough) and a multi-hour drive for one of us and a plane ride for the other (he was going there anyways, seeing me is just a huge awesome bonus), we seem to be all set to have a blast. We will be combining our respective friend groups and rolling out to a music festival and then to a bar for some sort of celebration for some unknown person. Whatever. It doesn't matter. Any night out with Randy is a good I right?!?

So here's to adventure, kids! Not saying it will be "Soft-Core" in the traditional sense of the phrase so don't go getting all excited (yes, I'm talking to you. You know who you are!). I plan on behaving myself for the most part in keeping with my "dial it back summer" program. But he does already have some inside scoop on what I like so I might be in for trouble...


  1. *GIANT GASP* I expect an email much like the one I sent to you and Jewels that time...:) Have so much fun!

  2. INTRIGUING! Sounds like a blasty blast will be had! I expect a full report! :) Enjoy!

  3. He’ll be disappointed to learn he brought his camera phone for nothing.

  4. Have a BRILLIANT time, darling.~ And like Rita I expect a full debriefing when you get back. ;)

  5. Strange I don't remember planning a trip.

  6. weeeeeeeeeeee! this is awesome! when is this happening? you must give us all the juicy details!

  7. Living in the moment is a great thing! Can't wait to find out how it goes - I bet it will be awesome. Good thing you are driving and not flying. I hear those TSA people like to grope.

  8. I need one of these...

    Ladies, I'll be taking resumes and auditions at

    Go go randy go!

  9. Nothing beats throwing it all in the air and seeing what comes down - no pun intended.


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