Friday, August 19, 2011

"Soft-Core" Friday: Promiscuity By The Numbers?

Welcome to another edition of "Soft-Core Friday"  here at Random Girl. This week I am taking a little different angle with it and wanted to share a very interesting survey finding from the guys over at The Good Men Project

The site recently conducted a poll to get a feel for if promiscuity could be measured and how people, both men and women from all different ages, backgrounds, and experiences, determined a person's propensity for promiscuity.

Interesting topic right? I thought so too!

The findings in general were a little surprising, in a good way. The majority of respondents were of the mindset that promiscuity has less to do with quantitative aspects (number of partners/timeframes/etc) and more to do with the qualitative aspects such as attitude, readiness for a relationship, intentions and the like.

Another interesting finding from the survey is that people identified themselves in some cases as "formerly promiscuous" implying that although a person may exhibit promiscuous behavior at some point in their life, they can indeed change from that behavior all together and have it be considered a thing of the past but not relevant to who they are currently.

Check out the survey and let me know what you think. Do you agree that being promiscuous is more about intentions and attitude towards encounters or is it more about the numbers for you? Can someone be promiscuous at one part of their life but not be considered promiscuous later down the road?  I'm interested to hear your take on this!


  1. I agree with the article. Whether a person is promiscuous as defined by having many sexual partners even if they have feelings for them all, or if they are defined promiscuous because while they only have a few sexual encounters without a relationship involved, people can always change if they want to. I think this is true for any behaviour though. Thank you for the food for thought this morning, darling.~

  2. I define promiscuity by the amount of sex with amount of people over certain amounts of time. By certain defintion you can say I'm promiscuous with my wife.

    The point is, and I agreed with most of the poll/survey (i read Good Men Project often), i think promiscuity is defined by each individual. I don't think I ever have been ebcause I havent dated multiple people at a time.

    I'm not judgemental about promiscuity is no one is exploited/misused and everyone is safe.

  3. I do agree that it is more about intent than numbers. Good article.

  4. Interesting stuff.. I believe promiscuity is (like many things in life) relative to the individual. However I do feel it's possible to change your level of promiscuity throughout your life.

    At least I hope so, or all those Jersey Shore a-holes will make some old people really freakin' happy in about 40 years.


  5. That was a really interesting article and I have to agree. I'm not all about numbers, in fact I have never asked a partner about their number, only if they had been tested for STD's. It is definitely more about attitude and personality than numbers and people can absolutely change you don't have to stay easy forever. Hell, that is what college is for, right?

  6. i agree with everything simple dude said. it depends on the person, their situation and intent, and it can definitely vary throughout the course of your life. i also agree with jewels, and i NEVER ask people for their number and rarely divulge mine. not because i'm ashamed of it, but because it's nobody's damn business. once you're out of college, whoever you're involved with can't realistically expect you not to have had other partners... and the justification i usually rely on is "you like what i do right? well i obviously had to learn it somewhere! so shut the fuck up and enjoy." okay maybe i don't really say that but i think it.

    i think the only person who can honestly determine promiscuity is the person her/himself. i could tell you my number and some people would say "too many," some would say "that's it?" it's relative and, in my opinion, fluid.

    great post to start a great conversation :) x

  7. I can attest that from 16 to 20 I was one wild young lady and very, very promiscuous. I was just out looking for a good time and I found it a lot. I got married at 22 and was monogamous for 23 years until my husband died. It was very easy to stop because he and I had a very strong, fantasy mindset and therefore a fantastic sex life. Good post and Good Question!!!

  8. Great post - I agree promiscuity changes depending on stage of life (as Barb said above). I really liked the line in the article saying 10 relationship are not the same as 10 one-night stands. That would be my view - I don't see serial monogamy the same way as multiple casual encounters.

  9. Great post RG! I think that promiscuity does change as we change within ourselves. What we once thought was fun to do, may not be the case now. I didn't have sex until I was well in my thirties. During that time, I can say I was one loosey goosey. It was if I was making up for lost time. It's all a matter of what you want and what you will take.


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