Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oooohhh Shiny things!

Hi kids! I have missed you so! I won't apologize for being such a slacker, on the posting and more disappointingly reading fronts, but work is being a very demanding little bitch right now and she'll not be ignored so I'm doing what I must. Randy has bills to pay so until/unless I find my sugar daddy I shall continue to toil away.

Enough about that. I have fun stuff to talk about now. My lovely sunshine, Rita, gave me an awesome award. I have gotten some great ones in the past but this is particularly awesome, because it has fire on it and you all know how I like fire, or more specifically, the men who put fires out. Yum!  Sorry, what was I talking about?? Oh yes, an award. So thank you darling Rita!
There are rules and I although I usually ignore rules, these I will abide by.
1) Thank the person that gave me the award. See praises to Rita above. I really love this girl, for reals!
2) Reveal 5 things about yourself (and make them a little hot in honor of the award)

  • Nothing turns me on like a well-timed hair pull
  • I may or may not have made a sex tape
  • I have made out with at least one pro athlete from most of the major sports (hockey, baseball (he went pro for the Cubs), NFL draft pick. I'm not a groupie, I just seem to have good luck
  • I can kiss and never ever tell. But I think sharing is fun so I probably will if not specifically told not to. 
  • I'll let you make something up about me for this one, you're welcome! 
3) Pass this on to 7 of my favorite hot blogs
This is a tough one. I seem to have a limitless amount of hotness around me... I'm such a lucky girl! 

For the educational value, I have to include B&B sexcapades I get the urge to go buy ropes and get myself all tied up when I read this one! 

For hotness with an attitude, my girl Jewels does it every time. 

Stefan at Kreative Anythinnz This man wraps me around his finger with his awesome words every time. You need to read his stuff! 

My girl, and keeper of all things hotness, Kage at Sex Sequins & Sociopaths. Just check out her blog, you'll know what I'm talking about. 

Simple Dude is anything but simple. He is hilarious and sexy all wrapped into one. 

And last but not least is my man Wow... I mean with a name like that... what's not hot?  Plus he plays the "pull my hair" card every chance he gets... so you know... 

Ok, I'm not following the rules, I'm only doing 6 because I'm pressed for time and I would rather read your stuff than keep bothering you with mine. 

Hope you enjoy my "hot" list and take some time to check them all out! 


  1. Thanks so much! :) I love awards! I'm such a girl that way. I am jealous of your hockey hookup and so want to know who it was! hehehe.

  2. I have another award for you, not as great as above but its from the heart: Random Girl is the First, numero uno, commenter on my new site! Thanks! Yay!


  3. Lucky you getting an awsome award, work being a bitch well I am sure you are not alone in that situation sometimes my work is a only joking since my work is being a mum and nanna..

  4. HA! You know I would've given it to Jewels too but I knew you would! haha! Awesome! I gotta go check out WOW! I can't wait! And you are so welcome. xo

  5. Awesome! Congrats on your award!

  6. A very well deserved award, hot stuff.~ *mwah!* ;)

  7. What athlete makes out better? I'm guessing hockey. They can check you against the (head)boards.

  8. I am trying to get it together too. I also love me some Wow. Congrats on the award, I have missed following. I am so behind I will just have to hoe you re-cap somewhere on the fireman.

    I am going to get back on the challenge wagon - so out of touch.

  9. Congrats to you & to the new recipients.

  10. Sweeeeeeet. My acceptance speech involves a hair-pull.

  11. Yeah, I knew about that video that you may or may not have made. It may, or may not have been posted on YouTube.

    Congrats, by the way, on the award and maybe, or maybe not the video.

  12. Huh, I have you wrapped around my finger?! Woah! Feels like Christmas morning ;-)

    Congrats on the award m'dear, your blog is like time off from work on the sunniest day of the year - AWESOME!

  13. I'm not a gossip guy at all, but I bet if I heard those athletes' names I'd know exactly who they are. You can post 'em on my blog if ya want. No one will see it there LOL JK!

    Congrats on your latest award. I have stopped by some of your recommended blogs, and I'll check out the rest this weekend :)


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