Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm talking about it.. yep, I'm going there! New Random Girl at The Dude Society

This is not my usual subject matter, I usually deal more in abstracts than this level of detail but there is a reason for this one.

This article came about from a string of conversations and debates I came across on different blogs and message boards a few weeks back.

I found it interesting how much the topic of a woman's choice of "style" for her lady parts 'do could create so much controversy and conversation. So you know I had to get in on it. In the name of everyone involved having the best possible sex, it had to be done!

And I'm sure you all have something to say about it... join the convo!

ps. there was a bit of debate on the title for this article but ultimately, The Dude Society is a men's mag and as such, it's written for the guys... so I deferred to "the dudes" to name it. That's all I'm saying about that.....

Get Her To Groom Downtown Without Being A Dick About It

The styling options for your girl’s lady part ‘do are almost as unlimited as the options for the hair on her head.  From Brazilian to full bush and everything in between, you never know what you might be treated to when the panties come off.
But, what if your girl is sporting the full-on natural look? You fear you may get lost (or chafed) should you want to spend some time down there?


  1. Ok I'll be first and dive in...

    First it's her stuff, second its her stuff, get the picture.

    Be supportive allow her to be who she is. The only downside that I have found to a heavy forest is the pause to clear the hair...occasionally. And this also pauses the action sometimes, if that bothers her there's your in...sorta speak. Less hair less interruption.

    Remember though, as Lisa mentioned, turn about is fair play. If she cant see your tree because of the forest, I guarantee you will see less action. There is a whole lot more going on when she is down there, after all. Much better chance for her to gag on the overgrowth than there is for you.

    The chief thing to remember is always support your girl whatever her decision. They are generally more sensitive about the nether region then men.


  2. Thanks for getting this out there.

  3. I had an at length conversation about this topic with a male friend of mine. He absolutely will NOT travel through the "forest" of any kind. Ever. But he also will not groom "his" forest either. But still expects the woman to pay his forest a visit. WTH? The nerve! I think that is sooooo one sided and selfish! Don't you?

  4. uhhhh, there's a hoohah (medical term) on your blog.

    i prefer a little there but taken care of


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