Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Creepiest Way to Get Over an Ex - New Random Girl at The Dude Society

We've all seen it.  The "friend" that loses his/her mind just a little bit over a break up and thinks up all sorts of awesome, clever ways to let the person know how much they want them back?

Or maybe not. Maybe it's just the guys I have dated. Could totally be the case.

Either way, my latest article for The Dude Society takes a look at some of the, more creative, ways to get over your ex, or not. If any of the "suggestions" actually sound like a good idea to you, please stop following my blog!

I'm joking! (kind of)

Ever lost your mind in a break up and done some creepy stuff? Ever been creeped out by something your ex has done in an attempt to get you back?  Share kids!

Check it out and leave me some comment love, you know how much I like the attention!

The Creepiest Way To Get Over Your Ex

Is she the one that got away?  True love or not, sometimes it can be really tough to let go of past relationships.
When faced with the memory of an ex-girlfriend, there are a few things you can do:

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