Thursday, August 11, 2011

30 Days of Shamelessness - Day #2 Act A Fool

I am so excited by how many of you kids are jumping in the fun and playing along with the 30 Days of Shamelessness! This is going to be shameless fun going down and I for one, can't wait to see what you all put out there.

I was all ready to post something last night and Blogger decided to be a dick and shut down during prime time so I decided to sit in the corner and pout instead.  I'm better today, thanks.

So today, I'm checking Day 2 off the list: look a fool

This one is too easy. I do this nearly daily. Most recently was last night. Having a princess as I do, I find many opportunities to look a fool in the name of entertaining her. Really, truth be told, I would do it anyways just for fun even if I didn't have an excuse. That's just how I roll.

So as you know, I am a pretty big music freak. Like, must always have music on. Some days it is Lil Wayne, others it is 30 Seconds to Mars, yet another it is just never know with me. My princess is the same way. One of our favorite rituals on a warm sunny day is to go for a drive,  roll the windows down, crank something obnoxious on the radio, and totally rock out in the car.

I'm not talking about a little head nodding or steering wheel tapping here kids, I am talking about a full throttle, sing as loud as we can, hands in the air (well, at least one of mine on the steering wheel at all times but her hands are in the air) full body car seat dancing extravaganza.

She loves it! She is young enough still to not be completely mortified by her mom acting a fool. So I take full advantage of it. I want her to learn that it's OK to be silly, let loose, and just have fun without being worried about what other people, especially those getting a free show at the red light, think about us.

Plus it's just fun for me. I have to be a grown up and behave myself almost all the time. That gets super boring. Being a big dork and acting a fool is good for me.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.....

So what about you? Act a fool much? If not you should, and then you should share it with the class.

This is an old pic of the princess but it gives you an idea of how she rolls when we are in the car.....


  1. I rock out in the car every day, without the kids with me. I like to think I make other people's commutes less bastardly.


    Just when I thought that I couldn't adore you more, my darling RandyGirl.~ Rockin' out in the car with the windows down is one of my favorite Summer activities, too.

  3. I am guilty of this practically every morning and evening during my commute. Generally not in town, but definitely when I hit the highway.

  4. Great post. I've been known to do a few silly things after a Heineken or two. That's all I'm saying!

  5. I am a sucker for acting like a fool in the car, dancing and singing to music that is not age appropriate and I am totally fine with it! hehe. Love this.

  6. I'm always making a fool of myself--usually reciting random quotes from Aqua Teen Hunger Force as though the meatball and the cup were in the room with me. At least once a day I hear someone ask "who are you talking to?" "Um...Meatwad?" lol
    But I have been caught singing... including one particularly embarrassing rendition of "Hey There Delilah" in my bedroom... at 2am...

    Anyway, you're smart to keep your emotions on the surface. Don't over think your "crushes" -- placing an inordinate amount of importance on them only makes things much, much worse. Although guys are such ego freaks they might actually *like* that, whereas most girls I know would sprint away in world record time!

  7. i definitely "dougie" in my car on an almost daily basis. also, similar anectode on the side: i had my brother's dog laying down in my backseat once and we were stopped at a light. windows down and i'm talking to her: "who's the best girlie in the whole wide world! who's the prettiest? who's the best baby ever?" yeah, to the people next to us, also stopped at the light, it appeared as though i was talking to myself. i win so hard sometimes.

  8. I'd hate to live in a world where people don't let themselves go at the drop of a hat. You two sound like you have a whole lot of FUN!

  9. Im more of a fool than normal....I love to sing really bad songs out loud when walking through my hood with my earphones plugged I screamed out 'How am i supposed to live without you?'Throwing my arms out and looking all anguished to the bemusement of fellow walkers...


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