Friday, July 22, 2011

"Soft-Core" Friday - What's sexy to you? ...and some great dating advice

Happy "Soft-Core" Friday to my randoms!  I'm hoping that this week has treated you well and that you have had at least a few fantastic moments to propel you through.

I spend most Fridays telling you what I think is sexy and "Soft-Core" Friday worthy. From condom puppets to sex torsos to smoking hot babes that can dance like no other, I have run the spectrum from awesome to bizarre and I appreciate you coming along for the ride.

Today, I would love to take a different spin on it. I want to know what YOU think is "Soft-Core" Friday worthy.   What turns you on, intrigues you, is bizarre enough to capture your interest??

Share kids! Today is all about you!

Well, almost. You know it is really always all about me... but all I'm contributing today is a video. This video offering dating advice may help explain why my dating life just hasn't worked out so hot thus seems I have been going about things all wrong! Ladies, listen up!!

I will give these "tips" a try this weekend and let you know how it works out for me... I expect GREAT things to come from it, probably even a marriage proposal or two!


  1. BUKAKE and the FENDI bag were awesome! :D
    love the vid in general though and some cute dogs *_*

  2. Confidence and a little aggressive ;) That's what I find sexy.

  3. This is the third Marbles video I've seen blogged about today. Lucky Girl.

  4. Is everyone a fan of this woman? O.o

  5. About the Marbles video, It's no such much about being a fan, it's just that she says the shit that most of us are thinking and won't say out loud and does it so absurdly and blatantly that I can appreciate her point of view. Maybe you have to be a chick to really appreciate her sense of humor but she cracks me up.

  6. the sarah palin cooking show one was the best:

    "now, we put three eggs in our bowl. we don't crack them though, cuz that's abortion."

  7. I think she is hysterical too, thanks for the post!!

    Kelly @ My Joy Project

  8. Randy-haha We may have over Marbled the poor bloggers since I have two of her videos on mine today. I was lazy and she filled the void. I totally agree, it is such in your face sarcastic truth that I can't help but laugh my ass off. Apparently nobody who read my blog today agreed. Oh the freak well...I got a kick out of it.

    As for what I find sexy...oh the list! haha. Height (gotta be tall), preferably a risk job and a dickhead attitude (ridiculous but apparently what gets me hot), dark hair and light eyes combo (sweet mother of God I love that!), and lastly he's got to have a sense of humor. That stiff upper lip, "That wasn't funny it was offensive" stuff just doesn't mesh well with me. It doesn't hurt if he's also smart, well read, appreciates my quirks, and enjoys marathon weekend. ;)

  9. Oh I agreed, Jewels. I just didn't bother to tell you.

  10. I love her puppies.~

    And her dogs are cute, too!

    No seriously her dogs make me laugh because they always look like "*sigh* whatever...".

  11. well i've said it before but i guess i'll repeat it.. I'M soft-core friday worthy! haha :)

    also, that girl is hilarious and i completely agree with you. have you ever seen this one? "how to trick people into thinking you're good-looking"
    too funny..


  12. I'm new to soft core Fridays, I had no idea about it because I spend those evenings after work with my son trying to come up with ways to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!
    I'm going to take a short break from that to come here and see what's up.

    I totally died like 18 times when I watched the vid, that girl is FUNNY, and admittedly I thought she was a little hot too in-a-blonde-skinny-humorous kinda way, even without the make up (telling it like it is) though I reserve the right to retract said compliment and place it elsewhere as and when I feel like.



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