Monday, July 11, 2011

So Imagine my surprise when....

Happy Monday kids! I trust you all had a lovely weekend and are ready to kick ass today? Good!

Thanks to everyone that visited my sunshine Cinderita's place and checked out my guest post on dating. If you haven't been over there yet, go now! 

I took the weekend off from the interwebz and it was a nice a little break. I spent time with friends and fam, got way too much sun being lazy poolside, and just really didn't do a whole lot of anything that would be post worthy. 

So imagine my surprise when I start catching up on my reading list and run across a picture of my very own lingerie-clad self over at Drake's. Well, actually, it was the picture of Cinderita's gorgeous girls that caught my attention (they are hard to ignore) and upon clicking into his post, saw that I was in the top 5 as well.
*Picking chin up off the floor*.

 It seems my small and perkies just won't go away quietly, they are such trouble makers sometimes.  So thanks to Drake for the shout out to the girls and for all the pervs followers of his that have come to check out what all the fuss is about over at Random Girl. Welcome to the craziness, hope you stick around. 

In other non-boob related news, I seem to have found myself kind of dating a handsome new gentleman. We were introduced last weekend by mutual friends. We hung at the pool  and had dinner with our friends last weekend so we had a chance to get to know each other a little in a neutral, non-stressful environment and I liked what I saw. 

After a week of texting and talking occasionally, we had an "official" date on Friday night. We had a nice dinner, went for a drive in his Jeep on a gorgeous night, and ended the night with a few drinks on the patio of a local bar. It was a nice real deal date with a non boy toy guy. That's a first for me in a long time. 

We continued the fun Saturday with a big bbq and pool day with a bunch of mutual friends. It was a little awkward since I arrived late (had to work at my volunteer gig for an extra shift) and he was "hosting" the gang so we didn't talk much. We did however, end up running into each other out on the town later that night so we got to hang out a bit and it was good. 

This is foreign territory for me. It's a very no-pressure situation and we both are kind of in the same place as far as just taking things as the come and not rushing into anything on the physical front so it's nice to not have to deal with that portion of new situation right now. I haven't dated in a healthy way in  a long time and I'm trying to remember how it goes, hopefully I can figure it out as I go. We shall see.... 

So that is all for now. I have some real writing to do this week and will be bothering you all with it but for now, I should probably get back to doing some work. 

Big Randy kisses to you all *MWAH*! 


  1. And you got the number 1 spot! Ok they were actually in no particular order, but you can pretend you got the number 1 spot.

  2. Congrats on having your rack displayed across the interwebs again - it's always nice to stumble across that on a Monday morning.

    And congrats on the dude! Don't be afraid to take things a little slow. I went against my long history of NOT taking things slowly when I first started dating the Lady Friend. I had tried everything else, so I figured why not try going slowly.

    And look at this... it'll be three years this fall, and is the happiest and longest relationship of my life.


  3. What is this "In other non-boob related news" crap. I demand more boobs!

    Kidding, but I do have to let my inner-guy roam free from time to time.

    It's nice to see you in a healthy relationship, and actually liking it! This guy sounds like a good mesh, and I'm really happy for you.

  4. I'm so glad I'm over the dating phase of my life. Even if its none pressure, I just didn't like that part of it all.


  5. Congratulations on your much deserved honour, my darling!

    I'm so glad that you had such an enjoyable weekend away from the interbutz, too.~

    And you are never "bothering" us with you writing! We want MORE! *mwah!*

  6. Yay for your boobies making another appearance.

  7. nice knockaz ;) congrats! & good luck with the gentleman! x

  8. Aw Congrats =) That's always interesting. Have fun testing the waters so to speak!

  9. You and I are going in opposite tracts. I recently got out of a real relationship and now all I want to do is get laid.

  10. Rita: you and your girls, always getting me giggling!

    Drake: Thanks for splashing my lady bits on the interwebz again... I just assumed I was #1 all along?!?

    SD: Yes, happy Monday right?!? As for the man, this is usually where I start to F things up so don't go getting too excited just yet. Relationships are not my forte'

    Lost: Sorry, I'll try to keep it strictly boob-related from now on.

    CBG: I am right there with you on hating the dating thing. Not my idea of fun but seems to be necessary

    @my sweet Kat: Thank darling, you are always much much too kind to me! *MWAH*!

    OT: So simple to please...

    Haven: testing, yes, that's a good way to put it. Trying to keep an open mind on things.

    Wow: let's hope we never end up on the same tract at the same time... that could be highly dangerous. Just sayin'

  11. I say if you got boobies, be proud and show them off! I loved getting that Nice Rack award! I'm very proud to be in good company!

  12. Looking forward to hearing more about your new man friend :)

    Kelly @ My Joy Project

  13. Ha, or maybe we should indeed hope for the same tract. ;)

  14. Yay for your boobies...even though mine are still sulking at Drake's neglect. Anywho...yay for the new man and taking it slow! It is a good thing sometimes so don't fear it. I am glad that you unplugged for the weekend and enjoyed yourself. :)

  15. This is great news! On the boobage as well as the new guy friend. "Healthy dating" seems to be going around it seems. Novel concept don't you think?


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