Thursday, July 28, 2011

Should You Mix Pleasure with Business - New Random Girl at The Dude Society

It's about time...right?!? The hot boys over at The Dude Society are letting me play in their space again.

This time I'm taking on hot office hook-ups, or at least what to think about if you are tempted to get it on in the supply closet.

Check it out, leave me some comment love, and pick out who you would bang in the copy room at your office...just for hypothetical fun of course! I would never encourage such shenanigans!

Here's  sneak peek of what is going on at The Dude Society...

Should You Mix Pleasure With Business?

If you are like most guys, slaving away to make a living, you find yourself spending more time with the people you work with than anyone else in your life. It only stands to reason, that at some point, you will probably find yourself attracted to one of your workplace counterparts.

Should you take advantage of this job “perk” or keep it strictly professional?

Office hook-ups are common, but can come with some major complications that should be considered before making a hot visit to the supply closet.


  1. Never hooked up IN the office, but have had a couple of flings with gals FROM the office.

  2. I really like these articles, but never know where to leave my comment.

  3. I confess....I have done it in the office supply room. And I've had flings with bosses. It was fun but I don't recommend it when jobs are so scarce right now. I didn't care back in the 70's. I could go out and find another one right away.

  4. I don't get my honey where I get my money.

  5. god, now i totally wish i had a job so i could have an office affair.

  6. Don't smash in the place you get cash.

  7. Does it count if the lawyer I "hooked" up with did not work in my office, but rather, was my boss's best friend? lol

  8. Hi! Love your blog, so much so I aint got enough time to read it I have to come back :-) I got your blog addy from Simple Dude. I just started my own blog but...its so full of existential...crap that I'd just rather read yours! As a token of blogger affection I have placed a link to your sight on my "Good Reads" page. I'll be back soon!

    LC Guy

  9. i've hooked up with coworkers a good 4-5 times. i don't anymore, because of those 4-5 times. one turned into a long-term relationship that exceeded both of our stints at the workplace, so luckily we didn't have to work together after we fell apart. but knowing how bad it all could have been, i'm not into co-worker hookups anymore. but, i never learn my lesson, it seems, so you never know...

  10. I guess it's only fair that I confess my motivation for this article. I have been in the office, a place I rarely venture unless forced to, off and on for the last couple weeks. I, ironically, ended up sitting right next to my one and only office hook up in a recent meeting. It was distracting but in a good way. We are both very much on the DL about any going's on and to watch us interact, we are the utmost in politeness and professionalism. Not a hint of anything inappropriate. I like it. That's what earned him privileges originally, his ability to keep his mouth shut when needed. We have hooked up on numerous occasions and locations over the last two years. Who knows, we might even do it again at some point... I like to keep my options open.

    @drake: you can post comments here or at Dude Society, whichever works for you! I'm not picky, just glad you are reading!

    @Left Coast: Thanks so much for checking our Random Girl! Simple Dude has excellent taste in friends right?!? Hope you stick around.

    @everyone else: Looks like it is a split crowd, some play where you get paid, others keep it out of the office. To each your own, as long as you are getting it somewhere!

  11. This is nuts! For the Indie this week I've written half a page worth of a piece involving a 'office hook-up' but I'm not going to use it as my final idea.

    Great minds ...


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