Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Perfect Picnic - Indie Ink Challenge

We were perched at the top of the hill; just the two of us.  We spread our old quilted blanket across the freshly cut grass and plopped down with a giggle.  She wasn’t really concerned with what I was doing as I unpacked the sandwiches from the brown wicker picnic basket. Her attention was elsewhere.

She watched the ducks glide gracefully across the pond, her gaze followed them as they went one direction and then another with no particular destination in mind. 

When she tired of that, she lay down flat on her back, her arms crossed behind her head and stared up at the shifting clouds.

“Lay down mama, you don’t want to miss this!” she said excitedly as she pointed out the shapes that she saw in cottony clouds. A heart, a fairy, and then a bear.

With the picnic half unpacked, I set down the bowl of fruit, scooted the plates out of my way, and lay down beside her.

“What do you see now?” I asked her.

She paused for moment, grabbed my hand with hers, and a big smile broke across her face.

“I see happy!” she said.

“That’s funny,” I said, “I see happy too.”

**This was my entry for the Indie Ink Weekly Challenge. I took a little liberty on my challenge prompt from Sherree. She wanted me to:  Describe the best meal I’ve ever eaten. Who was there, where you were, and why it’s the best
I challenged  The Womanist


  1. Some time the best meal you can have is a heaping helping of happy.

    Love this.

  2. That was beautiful and very well written. Loved it.

  3. Those are the kind of meals I love.

  4. with my girls I never remember the food, I remember the happy.

    Thanks for making me smile mama, I mean, randy.

  5. This made my heart smile! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Couldn't think of a better way to enjoy a picnic. This was wonderful.

  7. Our kiddies make the world go round, don't they? The best part is they often make me stop and truly enjoy the moment, like you girls did.

  8. Love this - especially the line 'I see happy' - well done

  9. I'm a little biased so saying you cheated on the prompt is a bit harsh. It's still sounds like the perfect day, and it made me feel happy reading it as well as feeling like even eating sandwiches on a day like this would make for the best meal ever!

    Nicely done!

  10. Sounds like you answered my challenge just fine. Loved the "I see happy." Awesome post.

  11. This was so precious.~ I loved it, sweetie!


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