Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Like a bad penny...

I have been a little quiet this week which is not really like me but I have kind of enjoyed taking a step back and just observing things for a while. 

What has not been quiet is my cell, my Facebook page, and random runnings' into that have occurred in the last week. 

It seems, like a bad penny, all that's old is resurfacing again. The Man, long-suffering T, Ex-BF, and a newish guy  (whom we shall refer to as "biker boy") that I have been talking to for months but finally just went out with last weekend. All of them, once in frequent contact then nowhere to be found, are back again. 

I should have known this would happen as I attempt to clear the slate, start anew, break old habits, of course the players in all of the past shenanigans would see fit to interject themselves back into the situation, or at least attempt to. 

I hate feeling like I'm totally optional. These boys are all experts in opening the door to that feeling. I need a deadbolt....quick! 


  1. Eeps! Maybe it's time to move? Nothing says clean slate like a new city...

  2. There is nothing worse than being easily forgotten and then picked back up when it is convenient for them. Nothing except still falling for it, feeling something, and missing them. It's not an easy door to lock but usually one that it is pretty important to bar none the less. Good luck sweets and big hugs to you.

  3. Just change the locks and make sure if you have a screen door it is lock whenever you are home that should be enough..........

  4. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR! Seriously. In order to "clean the slate" you must keep going forward. -but then, you already know this. :)

  5. Amazing how those things come at you all at once, isn't it. Good luck keeping the doors shut! Easier said than done, but you're strong.

  6. I was hanging at the pool with my sister in law a few days ago. You and her are alot alike. She's juggling three different dudes, two are bad pennies.

    She asked for my advice so I'll tell you what I told her:

    Put yourself first. If this means you are alone for a while, fine. If this means you let a new guy in and that's scary and risky, then walk the highwire. But let the past go and start something new.

    and blog about it

  7. Open the door just enough and then slam it on their foot.

  8. This is life just giving you a test, and you're up for it RandyGirl. Focus on all of the positive things around you, the things that you want and that are important to you. There simply isn't room in your mind for these bad pennies when you have so many brilliant things that fill your schedule.

    Don't worry, my darling, you've got this.~ *mwah*

  9. Like the old saying goes "When it rains it pours!" Happens all at once. Just keep ahead for newer things not old things.

  10. Take a page out of my book. If you really want to get rid of someone, piss them off, make them hate you. Then they'll leave you alone.

    That doesn't sound like fun?

    Fine, instead next time use teeth...

  11. wow I can relate to this one... a good question to ask your self might be this: if you let these guys back into your life, do you really think it will end up any differently than it did before?

    Kelly @ My Joy Project

  12. Ah yes. Apparently they are fond of the dot dot dot...

  13. So can I just say that you all are really the best?!? Great, practical advise, a little bit of humor to make me smile, and sincere hopes that I make good decisions and find happiness. I'm truly the luckiest girl on the interwebz, I am convinced!
    I especially appreciate the creative approaches suggested by Drake and Hero...door slamming on body parts and using teeth... both effective I'm sure.
    I'll keep you posted, so far I'm keeping the door shut and the deadbolt securely fastened.


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