Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Flip Side - Happiness (or Not) in the Moment

Yesterday I posted my Indie Ink challenge response and got some really great feedback. One of the ideas that came up was how there could have been an equal and opposite reaction to the same result, a positive pregnancy test. It is one situation in life where it could be joy or despair depending on the circumstances.

That got me thinking about the flip side of things and I thought it would be fun to take my same piece of writing, and look at it from the other side. So here it is.

The Flip Side of Happiness

Everything about this should be right.

Joyful even.

This is exactly how it should have gone by all logical accounts. Yet I am crying.

The tears come from a place of pure despair, the likes of which I have not felt before. 

I should be happy. My world is perfect from the outside looking in. I have everything.

But now I have this.

And this is mine.

No one can take it away; even though I don’t want this.  There is no way out of it now.  

I guess I got what I deserved. 

And I am devastated. 

Today's song is another Coldplay selection, Fix You,  to balance yesterday's pick.


  1. In this case, you celebrate by a trip to the hot tub?

    Morbid, I know. But yeah, I experienced both sides of this coin. I love both my boys equally, but pregnancy #2 was a surprise to me (and not to her...)

  2. Just as potent as yesterday's.

    However, now I'm thinking of the Dane Cook bit about this thing. To paraphrase, Guy's antsy, waiting for the call, it comes, she says "Can we talk? But I'd like to see you." And he says "Okay, can we meet at the top of a flight of stairs? I need a sparring partner to practice stomach punches, can we do that?" It's awful, but that's in my head.

  3. This was really interesting how you took the flip side of this, RandyGirl love.~ I of course like the happy one better though. ;)

  4. I've not experienced either of these scenarios, however, I felt the pain and the angst and the joy in both of your posts.

  5. Great idea, I liked both posts. And "Fix You" is one of my absolute fave songs. I've been using it as a theme song for the novel I'm writing. Very inspiring.

  6. This was a good post but I did like yesterdays happier one better!! Just cause I like happy endings.

  7. I bet that this person gets a hell of a lot happier once she has that baby (assuming she does). I've heard these stories in real life and those women say they wouldn't change a thing if they could go back.

    With all that said, I sure am glad I'm snipped!

  8. I don't think I could've said it better than Yvonne did. xo

  9. I have been aunable to comment your blog the last two days and you are mia on teh

    I like the shock quality and the raw emotion. The first time I read this I imagined what my female friends went through. Hard hitting, Randy. Like it a lot.

  10. @Lost: few things can knock the air out of a person like getting that type of surprise, especially if it was a total set up on one of your parts. What if you had told her you were wearing a condom and then took it off and didn't tell her and got her pregnant? I'm not sure she would have appreciated that much.

    @Josh: I can totally see where Dane Cook got that.. I don't think he's the only one to have that thought process in the situation

    @my sweet Kat & Bouncin Barb: I prefer a happy ending myself...

    @Yvonne & Rita: Thanks girls, glad that the feelings came through

    @OT: Thanks for the comment

    @Insomniac: "Fix You" has always hit me in a special love love it

    @Wow: That's usually how it ends up, the reward is worth the struggle. I also think there is something to be said though for not missing what you have never known. I can go either way based on circumstances and support available. Yes, I'm glad you're snipped too.....I mean.. just because it's less stressful and all...

    @Lance: I thought you were mad at me!! lol Thanks for not being mad and commenting!


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