Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5 Things To Never Say To Your Girl - Random Girl at The Dude Society

The fine fellows over at The Dude Society have been nice enough to let me in their space again.

This time I'm trying to help the guys out and give them a few things to avoid saying to their girl to help keep them from spending too much time in the doghouse. That's nice of me right?!?

Check it out, show me some comment love, then stick around and check out the other great stuff going on over there.

Here is a sneak peek of my latest...

5 Things To Never Say To Your Girl

Does it seem like you end up in the doghouse more often than the bedroom? Always seem to say the wrong thing at the wrong time? Left wondering “what the hell just happened?” when you find yourself on the receiving end of the silent treatment?
No, you probably aren’t that big of a dick. You probably just have a knack for saying things that your girl doesn’t want to hear.  To help you stay in her good graces, here is a list of common offenders:


  1. Good article... so where exactly were you with this advice 15 years ago? Could have saved me a lot of BS over the years.


  2. I can vouch for that third one. A girl I know started complaining about her sister. I say “she sounds like quite a bitch”, and then she explodes “don’t you talk about my sister like that!”

  3. You should almost change the title to "5 things you shouldn't get pissed off at your man for saying" Market it to women as well, you know meet somewhere in the middle.

  4. "That's not how your sister does it..."

  5. I've said all of these things at some point. Several to one girl.

  6. Yeah, those are good. Laughing at

  7. Great article....and lost in...pretty sure you'd get it hacked off if you said that to a lady!

  8. @Lost: oh no you didn't!!! *head bob and finger wag included* Those are fighting words for sure! But funny none the less.
    I had a few comments here, on Twitter, and at The Dude Society, about taking this from the other angle, like 5 things girls shouldn't get mad at their guy for saying and I can totally see it from that side as well. However, The Dude Society is a men's mag and as such, I'm trying to help the fellas out on this one. Maybe I'll flip for the ladies in another post.

  9. Great advice! I should print that out and tape it above the toilet so my husband sees it every morning.

    And lol at Lost In Idaho!

  10. I'm smelling a partnership mag called "The Babe Society" with RG taking the lead. I'd guest write for that in a heartbeat.


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