Saturday, July 23, 2011

$100/hr plus tip? Really dude??

I had no intention of posting this weekend but this is just too funny to not share with you all...

Jewels and Simple Dude already know as they were on the Twitter when I first went off about this so they are the super lucky ones!

I've talked before about my dating adventures so you guys know that there really is nothing outside of the realm of possibilities but this is a first even for me so I guess there is still new territory to stumble upon.

I was checking my e-mail on the online dating site I play on from time to time and got a email from a guy that had sent me ones before which led me to discover he was married. I politely declined his offer to see him despite that. But he decided to try me again. And this time he was offering an "incentive" package.

And I quote:

$100 for an hour of your company!
plus tip!


Ummm, no thanks. I politely clarified for him that I am not an escort nor am I a prostitute. I sensed his disappointment. Tough shit! I'm sure his wife would really appreciate knowing that he not only is on an online dating site setting up "dates" for when he travels but also that he is a willing paying customer of these "dates".

As if I needed yet another example of why I should have little to no faith in most guys out there.... I need look no further than my inbox. Awesome.


  1. I had a conversation with Kat the first time we got together about how I was disappointed that I had never been offered money for sex or my time. I was of course joking (mostly). I don't think I'd be too thrilled to actually receive the offer in a serious way. I am sad to say that I have lost a lot of my faith in men so this doesn't really shock me but it is saddening. Chin up sweets. I know there are good guys out there still...I just wish they didn't hide so well.

  2. How does $100 compare to the going rate? What ever the going rate happens to be!

  3. Oh. Dear. Stupid. Online. Fake. Man. And think of the stories you can share when you write your book of your online dating life. I am just grateful that I've never offered money..does it count if I've asked for it? HAHA! No I'm kidding. Wow. Well...I know you know they aren't all like this and there is nothing about you that says "prostitute". The fellow is obviously desperate for the naked company of a woman.

    Oh heck. I can't even find something redeeming about this dude. I hope you blocked him good. Stupid. damn!


  4. I just love these guys who think they can have what they want by offering $$. Now $500 an hour, I'd think about it, hahaha!!!

  5. Tell him I'll consider blowing him if he doubles it.

  6. All I can say is, WHAT A DOUCHE!!!

  7. good money if you can get it...should have negotiated

    just joking

    I used right after i got divorced...first date i went on, the girl was awesome looking. At the end of the date she aske dme what I did for a living. I told her. Her ears perked up. I knew she was looking for money.

    people are transparent some time.

  8. omg! they are EVERYWHERE! what an idiot!

  9. Bloody hell some men makes you wonder what they have in place of a brain........

  10. Do tipping prostitutes have the same rule of thumb that tipping a waitress has? 15 percent no matter what, but if they do exceptionally well they get like 20 to 30 percent?

  11. This was funny to read considering what I just emailed you about the other day. I guess I better bring a hundred bucks and tip, right? :)

  12. Not just $100 an hour, but $100 an hour with an exclamation point! Plus tip! Exclamation point again!!

    Though in truth I can't blame the asshole for resorting to money to procure so time with you, my darling.

    Still, the mind reels.

  13. I am not all that surprised by this, actually. Guys are dumb, and I would know. I can smell my own. But, there are examples out there that give us dopes a bad rap. What a cheap ass. I would offer you $200 plus "tip". I mean, a girls got to eat, right?

    I'm sorry. I'll go away.

  14. @jewels: I know, I know, this is the exception not the rule but I wrote this right after it happened so I was a little's not the compliment you might think it would be...sigh

    @Simon: I have no idea what the going rate is as I have never had sex for money...

    @Rita: you crack me thoughts exactly. When it happened I was like at least I'll get a good post out of it!

    @Barb: So you think I should have counter offered?? Uh oh!

    @Drake: I have passed your offer on to him. I'll keep you posted.

    @Vinny: Yes, indeed!

    @Lance: Transparent yes, awesome no

    @Yvonne: I was hoping it was just around me, guess not

    @Jo-Anne: I have a guess or two

    @Sassy pants: not sure what the proper etiquette is on that, I'm sure a quick Google search can help us out!

    @Wow: I know right?!? and it's 100/hr plus tip, get it right!

    @my sweet Kat: leave it to you darling to turn it into a compliment for that!

    @ib: you are too generous my friend..

  15. Oh crap, that is right. Chicago stays up late. I might need $1,000, plus tip!

  16. Wow, you hot like 'that' men are offering to pay you?!


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