Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Unlikely Source - Indie Ink Weekly Challenge

I took a week off from the Indie Ink writing challenge and I missed writing for it. I'm glad to be back up in the mix this week. If you haven't already joined in the fun, quit messing around and go sign up for it now before I get all bossy on you! 

This week my challenge prompt came from Jason Hughes.
 It was this: A life lesson learned from an *extremely* unlikely source/event...

I challenged my girl Alyssa. Her response will be posted here shortly. 

Here is my response to Jason's challenge to me. Enjoy! 

I opened the fortune cookie and just stared at it. Really? Is that really the best fortune that you could give me, destiny? A tempting proposal will soon present itself to me?  Not that riches await me or that I am about to embark on a life-changing adventure? A tempting proposal. Ok then.

Instead of throwing that little gem of fortune away with the rest of the take-out containers and soy sauce packets like I normally would, I hung on to it. I stuck it up on the front of my fridge with my dentist appointment reminder cards and bachelorette party invitations and other various items that I needed to be reminded of.  And there it stayed. Held in place by a clear glass magnet with the word “Hope” written in pretty purple script on the inside. 

I would glance at the fortune hanging by the “hope” magnet every once in a while on my way into the kitchen with my arms loaded down with groceries or rushing out the door on my way to an appointment and think “well, any damn time now would be nice!”

On days when I was feeling particularly cynical, I would question it outright, demanding to know exactly what its definition of “tempting” was because maybe I was just expecting too much and my tempting proposal had already been presented to me like a good Groupon I bought or the buy 1 get 1 deal I snatched up while shopping last week.  I had a feeling neither of those were it though.

So I waited. Growing more disenchanted by the day, convinced that this foretold “tempting proposal” was nothing more than false hope printed in a stupid cookie that came with mediocre Chinese food.

I finally got sick of it mocking me with its red letters from the front of my refrigerator and took it down, tore it in half and threw it in the trash where it should have gone in the first place with the empty take-out containers and soy sauce packets.

And then I got the e-mail. There it was. My tempting proposal had indeed presented itself to me. And this was an offer I simply could not refuse. It was more than coincidence or luck. It was as my fortune foretold.  Those red letters on the little white strip of paper that I pulled from the inside of a cookie that I got with mediocre Chinese food and had torn up and thrown away.

I dug those two raggedly torn little pieces of paper out of the trash and taped them back together with care. I didn’t want to jinx what I had just been given, a tempting proposal had indeed come my way and I owed it all to that fortune cookie.


  1. Short and sweet, but I wanna know what the proposal was! =)

  2. One of the things I like about you is how honest you are about your flaws and/or struggles with difficult parts of your personality.

    You look at temptation as a part of you rather than this devil that victimizes you.

    People pay thousands for therapy to get to where you are very day. Good for you...makes me like you even more

  3. that is really great. it seems that it is always just when we give up hope that something magical happens. Lovely, sweets.

  4. Really good.

    And now I am craving some panda express.

  5. Ugh! I'm craving Panda Express now too! THANKS! I liked your post, short, sweet and to the point. Interesting at the end. -Indecent proposal? Muahahaha, I kid. :)

  6. This is what I think of fortune cookies, horoscopes, and other related subjects:

  7. Such a clever use of the prompt! I love that the fortune stuck with you enough to keep it and believe, but at the same time, you were impatient. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Awesome. I just realized I have a fortune cookie from dinner that I never opened. I must go fetch it and see if my fortune is as good as yours. Well done!

  9. I love this :) I would have thrown it out way before though - no patience in me to save my life :)
    I also read another blog on fortune cookies this week actually - at a blog named Why is Daddy Crying? (
    You should check it out - it's hilarious)

  10. great prompt, and great response. i love when that happens! sometimes it's silly, but one of the best things in life it finding that *hope* in the last place you would expect. xx

  11. Great answer!! (Sorry it took me so long to get over here to read it--forgive me?) Although you TOTALLY have me craving Chinese now, I LOVE how those little slips of paper we all take for granted or laugh about had such a profound impact on you... Nicely done!


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