Monday, June 27, 2011

Studio 30 Plus featured post today is from your's truly - Go Check it!

The good people at Studio 30 Plus asked me to be a featured writer today at the S30P Magazine.

Of course I said yes!

I love that place. If you haven't joined Studio 30 Plus yet, you need to get over there an check it out. It's a great community for writers to be challenged, learn from one another, and just have a good time.

I did a little bit of poetry for my featured post. It was not what I intended to contribute but it hit me over the head yesterday, almost literally, and I needed to get it out there. It is titled "One Word" and it's probably not what you think. Curious? Go read it!

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Score. Headed that way! Congrats.

  2. s30p isn't letting me log in, so I'll just comment here:

    Wow... that's pretty much all I have. One word. Wow.

  3. S30P is awesome, and even more so for letting you write for them.

    Heading over now!


  4. I guess I will have to go over and check it out.

  5. read and commented

    I liked it best the third time i read it

  6. Can't wait! Heading over now! :)

  7. Wow; that was really awesome. It definitely hits home for me...though, I'm sure that's what a lot of people would say.

  8. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! :)

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