Friday, June 10, 2011

Soft-Core Friday - Your customized sexy voicemail message

Soft-Core Friday is once again upon us. Just one more reason why Friday is the most kick-ass day of the work I right kids? 

It does however keep sneaking up on me and I am left scrambling to find just the perfect naughty thing to share with you. This week, I was bailed out by Twitter. I love that place. Really. So many fantastical things just popping up before my very eyes. 

This link came up late last night and what it leads to is no less than greatness. You all know those hilarious Old Spice commercials with the studly guy saying all sorts of ridiculous things right? Well, this let's you create your own MP3 file for your voice mail that you customize and he narrates. It is hilarious and awesome. 

Here is a copy of the script and the options you can choose, I had some big time fun with this one! It has options to be used for a guy or a girl's voice mail so it is equal opportunity, that was nice if them! 

Old Spice Voicemail Message Generator

You may be aware of a recent Old Spice advertising campaign featuring a handsome man in absurd situations.
He has posted a video on YouTube that could be used to prepare a personalized voicemail message (and then another one for ladies).
This page generates such messages for you.
Choose the parts of the message that you want and press "generate". You'll get an MP3 file with your message.
Since there were many questions about it: this website doesn't send the message to your phone.
It just makes an MP3 file (the phone number is only there because it can be included in the message).
You have to figure out how to set the message on your voicemail by yourself.
It's likely that your best bet is holding the phone to your computer's speakers while recording the message.
Drop me an email if you have any questions or comments:
phone number:  


  1. Hmm. I've never been able to crack walnuts with my mind.

  2. got anything from Christina Aquilera along the lines of

    "Lance is unavailable because I said so. Don't call back, he's be busy with me forever."

    yes this comment is approved by my wife.

  3. This is eight different kinds of awesome. Thank you.

  4. Oh so using this once I get a job and dont have potential employers calling me.

  5. Holy shit! Hillarous.

    I pimped you and jumped on the soft-core friday bandwagon :)

  6. @Drake: Looks like you need to use Old Spice body wash to make that happen.

    @Lance: Glad Bobina gave you the thumbs up for that one. No harm no foul right? Although I don't see the appeal of CA, just my personal opinion.

    @Lost: I thought you might appreciate this more than most.

    @Rebeccccca: Have fun with it girl, it's pretty hilarious!

    @Brandi: I know..right?!? Thanks for the pimpin' of RG on your naughty blog. I need to practice my knots! What to teach me???

  7. I love those commercials and have to check out this link! "This voicemail is now diamonds" hahaha. Love it! thanks for sharing!

  8. LOL, thanks for the link, when I get my phone I'm using this. LOL.I love the old spice guy, he's gorgeous and knows how to dress. ;)

  9. I would not "carry her on my back safely through piranha infested waters." He is a better man than I am.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Well written content.Thanks for sharing such a informative blog! keep posting and I'm waiting for the next one female voicemail greeting


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