Friday, June 3, 2011

Soft-Core Friday - With a Name like that, how could this not happen?

As I was scrambling to figure out a "Soft-Core" Friday post late Thursday night (since the Monday holiday really F'd my whole weekly thinking up) one topic just begged to be featured: Anthony Weiner's Twitter pic/hacking scandal.

As much as I want this to just go away because I am sick of hearing about it, it just won't. If I had a dollar for each time I heard a newscaster suppress a grade-school giggle as they made some sort of juvenile, innuendo filled segue this week, I could put my princess through college. For reals.

If you have been living under a rock, the basic storyline is that Rep. Weiner has a twitter pic of what is supposedly his package sent to a young college co-ed who he followed on Twitter.

This is just too good to not blow up into a huge scandal right? Well, yes and no. The interesting part is that he is not denying that it is his weiner in the picture, he has claimed that he "can't with certitude say it isn't me".  Instead, he takes the angle that his account was hacked and the photo, if it is him, was taken out of context. Hmm... interesting explanation.

Either way, I don't care in the least. I am just tired of hearing "weiner/Weiner" in any context. Are you with me?? And seriously, based on this alleged twitter pic of his that started all of this craziness...well, you know... it truly is NO BIG DEAL. Let's move on kids.

Here is a link to my girl Rachel Maddow's interview with him. She is beyond quality and does her homework.

For a funny take on it, check out Jon Stewart's coverage on the story. He is having an angel/devil battle over reporting it with a hilarious musical accompaniment. Don't miss this!

On another note, I had the privilege of catching this sight first hand while at The Palms Ditch Friday pool party last week. And in honor of yet another relapse with my fireman recently, thought I would share for my girls to get a little "Soft-Core" Friday eye candy. You are welcome ladies!


  1. Well, that's the first I've understood what's happened there with the Rep. Been busy and not paying attention to the news this week. It also explains Stephen Colbert's Twitter feed lately.

    Wow. It's a cock inside underwear. Whatever. I see that every day. And more.

  2. It’s not very large, I wouldn’t own up to owning that. :)

  3. Oh no! Scandal! A politician with a libido! Run away!!!

  4. Wait, what... Oh yea I'm Canadian, that's why I don't care.

  5. Can we just please STOP THE INSANITY!??? I mean, really, who cares? I don't. First of all, I would be more concerneed about changing my last name, WEINER, really??? ;)

    This is yvonne@writingmylifaway---Stupid Blogger is still doing acid or something!!!

  6. First I've heard of it, his exuse isn't very good though. He should of said that he had being dared or something, that always works.

  7. Hey Randy, I just wanted to let you know I borrowed your Friday meme today.

  8. It is funny to me because if Weiner were a shit head Republican the media and everyone in America would be calling for his head.

    I did find it ironic that he ain't denying it is his penis. Sheesh who keeps pics of their cock on their cell phone?

  9. Wow...that is not a weiner that I'd be sharing. I may be spoiled but that doesn't seem too impressive.

    Anyway...thank you, THANK YOU, thank you for the fireman pictures. I've been attempting to behave where he is concerned since he has told Re (aka my friend and his cousin) that he is proposing to his girlfriend in a month. I don't need to be involved in drama...but damn...a girl has needs. more leaving comments while drunk! Love ya though!


  10. I heard vague ramblings of another peen pic floating around, but I guess I do live under a rock since I didn't know the details. ^_^;

    I'm right there with you about being so over the naked picture sending scandals, love.

    "Oh look, a peen." *le yawn*


  11. I had a great comment about wiener-gate until I saw that photo of the firemen. Now, I have no idea what I was going to write.


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