Friday, June 24, 2011

Soft-Core Friday - Shut Up and Pull My Hair revisited

Happy "Soft-Core" Friday kids!

My apologies for not coming up with a new post for you all. I spent my Thursday riding roller coasters that rocked my face off, laughing way too much with a best friend, and in general acting like a 14 year old. It was fantastic and much needed.

For today's "Soft-Core" post, I thought I would revisit one of my very early, and still most popular, posts since most of you weren't following Random Girl around when it came out the first time. This post led to some fantastic comments and conversation and I think it warrants being revisited for all my new Random Girl friends.
The link to the original post and comments is here. Go check it out to see the all the rowdiness it stirred up! It also resulted in one my popular posts to date at The Dude Society. That article can be found here.

Shut Up and Pull My Hair
If there was one thing I could say that would sum up how I best liked to be "loved", it would have to, beyond any doubt, be "Shut Up and Pull My Hair!"

That can be taken literally.

My favorite single bestie and I were lamenting one evening over how complicated guys make it with us. We are not that complicated. If you pay attention even a little bit, you should have a clue. But many don't. We need a T-shirt with that simple instruction on it. Life would be so much easier.

Let me break it down for you. It's about finding the right mix of anticipation and aggression. Once you have been green-lighted, and you will know if you have been green-lighted (trust me on that), it's time to handle it.

I don't want to be asked if you can kiss me. I want you to look at me, really look at me, like a look that tells me I am about to be in very big trouble. Then I want you to push me up against the wall, pin my hands above my head, and kiss me like you mean it. If I respond favorably, and I most likely will to a kiss like that, keep doing it. And feel free to run your hands through my hair and give it a nice firm, prolonged tug. No really. Do it please.

It's that easy, really. A kiss like that leaves no room for questions or shyness. The intentions are clear.

That friends, is what the "Shut Up and Pull My Hair" sentiment is really all about.

I have to put the disclaimer out there that this approach may not be appropriate for all women.  And never, under any circumstances, consider doing this if the green-light moment has not arrived. This could scare the shit of a meek and mild manner second-virginity type of lady and I don't want to be responsible for that so use your very best judgement ok guys? And, when in doubt or if totally clueless, ask her how she likes to be kissed.

But, and I think you ladies will agree (since most of you are fellow freaks in the blogworld), most women really want to be kissed like this and the rewards will be very....enjoyable...  for you men brave enough to just "Shut Up and Pull My Hair".

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Guys and ladies alike. Don't be shy kids.... 



  1. What you just dropped is called chemistry. Words, cues, signs don't mean anything. It's unspoken, felt, and followed through.

    If a couple can find that "it" factor then what you just described will be automatic when the time is right. I agree with you 100 percent.

  2. My favorite 'move' is kissing, fondling, running my fingers through your hair, and then grabbing a fistful by surprise and pulling you back ever-so-slightly.

    The look on a woman's face when I do this, and the fire she sees in my eyes... instant melting. The 'gasp' that comes out is my favorite noise EVER.

  3. @Lance - EXACTLY! You so get it! And for me, if it's not there pretty immediately, it never will be so it's a "game off" call for me regardless of whether everything else works or not. There is no substitution for the right chemistry. Period.

    @Lost: I think someday, we need to make out. Just for research purposes of course. I'm really good at the "gasp"

  4. sigh. i love having my hair pulled.

    except of course when i am wearing a wig. then it's just downright embarrassing.

  5. This "shut up and pull my hair" kind of kiss would be even more enjoyable if the person giving it was someone, like say Robert Pattison or ~insert favourite celebrity here~ I'd rather my husband not manhandle me like that, he would get in the way of my laptop.

  6. Yes! I think it's because I'm a control freak everywhere else. Gotta unwind somehow...

  7. Yup. And not blab about cheesy words and nonsense.


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