Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Naughty Nurse or Sexy Librarian anyone? New Random Girl at The Dude Society

What could be more fun than getting to be someone else for a minute? Especially if that someone else is having fantastic sex at the time?

Well make it happen kids! My latest article is up at The Dude Society for your reading enjoyment. Get over there and take a look....and of course feel free to leave me some comment love so the editor knows that I still rock!

Also, a big Randy Girl welcome to the pile of new followers here at Random Girl. Thank you so much for stopping by to check out the shenanigans! Hope you like what you see and stick around for the party.

Here is a sneak peek of what is going on at The Dude Society,  Enjoy!

Role Playing 101: Naughty Nurse Or Sexy Librarian?

So, what’s your fantasy? A naughty nurse? A horny librarian? Maybe, it’s picking up a hot “stranger” at the bar?
Whatever it is, there’s a good chance your girl will be game for playing along, especially if there is something in it for her.
Like playing sexy games, role playing can add an element of fun and excitement to your sex life. It is a chance for the two of you to assume different characters, whether you’re living out a long-time fantasy or just spicing things up in a new and exciting way


  1. I would say both the nurse and the librarian at the same time.

  2. I think I'm partial to the librarian, although OT doesn't have a bad idea.

  3. Librarian, on a stack of Shakespeare books. We got screwed by Shakespeare in school, now its payback time.

  4. I would choose option D.
    Sexy librarian injures me in the throws, takes me to the hospital where I am bathed obsessively by the naughty nurse. Then, on the way home from my "hospital visit", happen by a smoking hot hitcher and trade gas to and fro for a "ride", ifyouknowwhatimsayin.

  5. Wow, you boys are quite creative! I like your thinking on this topic. ib, you get big snaps for really doing some detailed analysis on this!
    What's up with the ladies being curiously absent from the conversation? Shy today? Come on girls, you know you have something stashed in the closet for when your freak side wants to play. Share!

  6. these boys are impressive with their creative fantasies! haha. I stand strong by my having sex with a sexy professor while a studly librarian watches but he knocks over a lamp, fire catches and the fireman carries me out to ravage me further...or something along those lines. haha.

    Heading to Dude Society now to read/comment!


  7. Ha! I've always wanted to dress the part of the whip lashing, fishnet hose and leather wearing woman. Grrrrowl!

  8. Mmmm...both are sexy..but the librarian wins over for me. Mostly because I've been told I have the look down with my Chanel glasses and general sassy attitude! Great post Lisa:)

  9. @Jewels: wow, you really hit the trifecta on that one and topped it off with the fireman cameo? I'm in! Thanks for the love at Dude Society!

    @Yvonne: Grrrrrowl indeed, love! If you have not done that yet, not walk... to your nearest adult store and get the goods to rock it! Pics please!

    @Justice: Oh darling, I'm sure you would make the sexy librarian thing extra scandalous... yum!

  10. Since my partner is a little bit of a daredevil and always finds himself in a painful situation, I'd go with naughty nurse. In fact, I'd prepare for a costume right now. ;)


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