Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A little Pimpin' and Good News

So I have a little pimpin' to do today. And I'm excited! I love to share good news and it is good news indeed.

First, congratulations to Simple Dude for publishing his ebook! I got it, read it, and it totally gets the Random Girl stamp of approval. If you are looking for simple, easy-to-do ideas to make your blog better and get it in front of more people, get the ebook now!

In other good news, you can forget about Bloggers "BON'd" snobbery (since we can all agree that their selection process probably involves drunk monkeys throwing poo at a wall to select who gets it and who gets ignored) and now you can get CANUCK'd! Yes, that's right boys and girls, Canadian Blogger Girl is taking matters into her own hands and creating a new way to get recognized that is actually awesome! Go check out how to get CANUCK'd and how to nominate and vote for other great bloggers that you know would be worthy.


  1. You're an awesome pimp, and I'd gladly be one of your ho's anytime.

    Ironically I chose and voted for YOU in CBG's Canuck'd thing.


  2. Great job pimping. And it is funny that you mention an award in place of being BON'd since I wrote about it yesterday.

  3. I'd rather be BON'd by a female anyway. Canadian is just a bonus!

  4. I second SD and Idaho's comments.

  5. Thanks for the great pimping! Lets unite as one against Blogger and get some real good stuff featured!


  6. I read Canadian blogger girl often... very good choice. Actually more like stalking, but I wanted to mention her too : )

  7. i'm pretty sure i'll never be boned, since i have the plus 18 warning thingy and i am so hateful.

    so hooray for a new way to get boned, canuck style!


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