Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Think My Boy Toy Is Broken

You wouldn't think it would be so hard. To find a nice, simple boy toy that a girl can keep on-call for when she wants time. Easy enough right??  Not so much....

You have all had the annoying duty privilege of following my adventures with Fireman.  And although we have been on again/off again/on again for various reasons for quite some time, we had recently been successfully "on again" and things were clicking along swimmingly.

 Is he still high maintenance? Yes. Does he still have scheduling conflicts? Yes. Was I finding other distractions to keep me from being bothered by either of these things? Yes.

So all is well, right? Well, yes and no. Things were back to good and well until he decided that upon his most recent visit, that he needed to talk.  About feelings. More specifically, his feelings for me.  Please. Just. Don't.

Can't it ever be left that good enough is good enough and we can keep it at that? This is why I don't want to talk with him, or see him outside of the bedroom, or really be involved in his life in any way that does not end with us getting off.

I know, it sounds selfish....because it is. But that was our agreement so it's not like I am flipping the script on him now after saying I wanted something else. There was never any confusion on my part. I'm hoping that there isn't any real confusion on his part and he was just feeling sentimental for the night or hell, maybe he was drunk... I don't know or care to dive any deeper into his "feelings" because NOTHING good will come from that.

So I will let him off with a warning on this one for getting caught up in my awesomeness and hope that all this nonsense "feelings" talk doesn't surface again. That's fair right?

And if it does? Well then as my new buddy Dillon reminded me via Twitter the other night, in the immortal words of Jay-Z, it will need to be "on to the next one"......  "  And because he inspires me to be "big pimpin'" you get that as my song of the day!
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  1. Is there a Land of Misfit Boy toys?

    or you could rock Foo Fighters All My Life

    on and on and on to the next one

  2. Not that I'm expecting to be anytime soon, but if I'm ever single again, I can't imagine I'd want anything like what I have now. Hit the lottery with this one. So, if it ever happens, I'll let you know.

  3. Feelings? Those are the uncomfortable things I get like hungry, tired and such right? Other than that I really don't understand the fireman.

  4. I was at a bar last night, and heard the best pickup line: "Excuse me, do you like to cuddle? I do..."

    Maybe feelings are the hip thing to do now? Start off with cuddling, spooning, and romantic footrubs, and build into the NSA fun from there...

  5. Well, even though there are circumstances in my life of which you are one of the few who are privy to the details, I'm still an advocate of emotional detatchment. Go on with your Big Pimpin' self, love. It was unfair of the Fireman to try and change the playbook on you like this.

  6. If you can't play by the rules you are off the team., but quality is a contributing factor. Nothing I hate more than a drawn out conversation over something I have no interest discussing. Good on you for not cutting the cord completely ( Everyone deserves a second chance especially if the benefits are legit, right?) but a second time the 'F' word is used would be my cue to head for the exit. Great Read, looking forward to your next adventure.

  7. Feelings? a dude? In situations like these, isn't the girl who most of the time ends up with feelings and not the dude?. Yeah stay away from him.

  8. @Lance: if there is not an island of misfit boy toys there should be, I have sent enough of them off packing that they could make quite a pretty little island. And I debated on the Foo song because it is perfect but I was feeling gansta when I wrote this and Dillon brought the J reference and I had to go with that!

    @Joshua: I hope it never happens that you find yourself single because it sounds like you have a great one on lockdown. If it ain't broke...

    @Hero: yes, those annoying things. I don't understand him either, therein lies the problem

    @OT: you need to get on twitter so you can stalk me there, I like attention!

    @Lost: I would have laughed in his face and sent him away. I am not a girl to fall for that, or any line really. I like what I like.

    @my sweet Kat: I am glad you can still maintain your impartial perspective even though you have your goings-on at the moment. I am in total favor of that situ btw I hope you know darling!

    @Dillon: Off the team... I like that! And yes, I hate having conversations like I choose the "distract and avoid" method. Works well usually. I am fairly good at distractions. Thanks for the comment!

    @Porkstar: I know right?? But as I have said before, I have been accused of "dating" like a guy on more than on occasion. I guess I am just too darn awesome for's a curse....

  9. Wait a cotton pickin minute! Fireman broke the contract and was not handed his pink slip immediately? Did he not read said contract? He was hired for one purpose, and one purpose only. So you could ride him like the quarter pony in front of Walmart.

    Feelings. What the eff.

  10. ET: Gosh, when you say it like that, it sounds so cheap.... hilarious...but cheap. And just to clarify, there was no "hiring", this is a two way street my friend, I'm a giver like that. But the quarter pony riding reference? If I had a gold star for comment of the day, you would be getting it friend!

  11. Randy friend...even if he was drunk, I am guessing his feelings are the real deal. Even if he squashes them in front of you he will be drawing your initials in hearts all over his notebook when you aren't around and combining your names. Eww. You might have to cash him in for a newer, less-feeling model. I think men and women switch roles as we get older.

  12. Most guys would kill for a no-strings-attached gal like you. Dumb fireman is gonna screw it up...

  13. Fireman knew the rules and he knows better than to try and change them up as that is what caused problems last time around. It is his loss. Maybe another "break" is needed so that it finally sinks in...or maybe it is just time to move on...only you can know. That being matter what the decision least you got to enjoy him a bit longer! ;)

  14. I'm still a bit confused... now who exactly is wearing the pants here?

    I get that he went after something he wanted.Can't blame a guy for trying. But no reason to keep trying when its clearly said otherwise.

    also I'm facepalming in his direction.. sheesh

  15. @Onion: the visual of him drawing our names in a heart is too funny, especially if you knew this guy. I hope it was a momentary lapse in judgement and won't be brought up again.

    @Wow: You would think so right? I mean, gosh, how many Lifetime movies can be made about a topic before he clues in. And you are right, he will probably screw it up. Hey, do you have any friends that might..... nevermind....

    @Jewels: I know you are right, if it's not one thing, it's another. Sometimes things that seem to hard just really might be but you know how it works... human catnip right?

    @Dili: I can see why you are confused, neither of us usually end up wearing pants, therein lies the problem! Thanks for the facepalm in his direction, so needed!!

  16. Boo! What's up with your fireman getting all "in touch" with his emotions??? Men! I would love to follow you on twitter by my ADD prohibits me from doing so. :)

  17. I gotta tell ya..I'd get all caught up in your awesomeness too and want to talk about my feelings. So give the poor schmuck a break. The fact that he gets to hang out with you is a recipe for falling in love. Period. go easy on the poor guy.

  18. there's needs to a blog where we can tell our own stories.

    I had a hell of a night tonight but there's no way i could tell it on my blog

  19. Well damn...seems I decided to come back for the juicy bits. WTF is with men and that crap these days. Its more often than not now and its a bit annoying. I want to find some ass not drag more shit into my complicated life.

    That said...It is so damn hard to give up awesome sex.

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