Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Help Find Lauren Spierer - Here's How You Can Help

Lauren needs to be found. You can help. 

As you may recall from my previous post on Lauren's disappearance, or by now I'm sure you have seen on national TV, America's Most wanted, or by Twitter trending for #findLauren, Lauren Spierer is still missing after disappearing in the early morning hours on June 3rd. The timeline that has been established for Lauren's last whereabouts is found here

There has been a tremendous number of tips received, and investigators and volunteers are tirelessly searching to bring Lauren home. It is critical that focus remain on this case and on this mission. This is where you can help. 

First, follow the blog that has been set up to relay the most current information on the search for Lauren. It provides you with all the information you need to share her story

Secondly, consider dedicating a blog post to finding Lauren and including the information included in my post. The more people that see and hear about Lauren, the greater the chances of bringing her back to her family. 

If you can, help organize volunteers to get them searching on the ground in Bloomington: 

Also, Remind others of the tip line and the reward. "Any information would be most helpful." 

Lastly, please follow @NewsOnLaurenS on Twitter  for continuous updates. 

If this was your daughter, your sister, or your friend, you would leave no stone unturned to find her. I appreciate your continued support and hope you will consider a blog post of your own to get the message out there. 


  1. What a great job you're doing in keeping this in the news! I hope they find her soon, safe and sound!

  2. Thank you for doing your part to keep this effort alive!


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