Monday, June 13, 2011

Could You Be A Boy Toy? Random Girl at The Dude Society

They say good writers write about things they know. I am not sure exactly what it says about me as a writer or as a person that I write about boy toys but hey, it is what it is.

After whining about my broken boy toy last week, I decided to make a sort of PSA for The Dude Society to just give guys a "heads up" about how the boy toy situation should work and give them some information to help decide if it is something they would or wouldn't want to part of. There are even helpful tips on how to find out if they are dealing with someone that may be a high potential boy-toy seeker. I'm such a giver!

Here is sneak peek of my last article at The Dude Society. Don't be shy! Take a look and leave a little comment love over there is you don't mind.

Could You Be A Boy Toy?

For many guys, having a strictly sexual relationship with someone seems like an ideal situation… But, is being her boy toy a game you want to play?


  1. Reading that article, I had a song stuck in my head...

    I'm just a gigolo / and everywhere I go / people know the part I'm playin...

    I can't decide if I was singing the Louis Prima version, or David Lee Roth. Which one is sexier?

  2. I’m sorry, I’ve read and re-read your cons quite extensively and am still unable to believe there is any consequence for a man engaging in constant sweaty passionate unattached sex, other than a euphoria-induced smile and running high-fives from his best friends.

  3. @Lost: As song as I read the lyrics, I flashed to David Lee Roth in spandex and a top hat in the video...DLR for sure!

    @Drake: you may have a very valid point..especially on the running high-fives part

  4. At this point in my life I would not mind being a boy toy.

  5. @OT: That's the spirit! It's all about asking the right questions...

    @ET: Really? Even if I ask you really really nicely?? I can be quite convincing...


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