Monday, June 6, 2011

Boys Behaving Badly

I am usually the first one to applaud some scandalous shenanigans between consenting adults. I am certainly not one to rain on any one's parade when it comes to that.  But I have to tell you, this trends seems to be getting a little out of control.

As you may recall, my last "Soft-Core" Friday post was about the "lewd twitter pic" allegedly from Rep. Anthony Weiner to one of his Tweeps.  Well again today, yet another "lewd" (their words not mine because his pecs are HOT) photo surfaced, allegedly of the Rep. yet again. Add to that the John Edwards plea agreement for his using campaign funds to hide his mistress and resulting love-child. Add to that Arnold and his housekeeper and that love child. Add to that the IMF chief allegedly assaulting the hotel maid. Add to that...... you get where I am going with this right?

Now I am not naive enough to think that I should expect a certain level of ethics or moral standard from my elected political officials/presidential candidates/financial institution gurus but really.... should I expect so little? My main issue is not even so much that the guys are sending pics of their junk all over the twitterverse or hiding mistresses and love children, is that they make such a concerted effort to avoid/evade/deny being found out.

If you do the dirt, then just own it. Don't waste our time, money, and news coverage with denials, avoidances, and smoke screens. Don't put your families through more hurt and pain than the acts themselves would have caused had you just come clean to start with.

Very few people walk around this earth without a sin or two or without having been guilty of using poor judgement once in a while. You will gain much more respect and maintain some shred of credibility if you just own what you are, a flawed person who exhibited bad judgement, and accept the consequences with grace. Who can't relate to that?

**Update: as of 4:25 est Monday 6/6/11, Rep Weiner held a press conference to finally come clean, admit the pics are of him and he sent them and cried with "great regret for the pain he had caused".  Better late than never dude. Nothing like dragging this out for a week when it could have been done and over with the truth when it broke a week ago, just sayin'  **


  1. The funny thing? Girls do this bs as often as men.

    The only difference is they're a bit smarter at covering their tracks. Guys are just plain dumb at being sneaky.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be sending out boner pics to all my contacts. I have an apology letter written and need something to apologize for...

  2. only my wife gets pictures of me...sorry Randy but...

    I dont get this story. Weiner doesnt have a record of morality blazing or fact, he's a liberal guy in a liberal state. Politics aside (becausde I dont like them), he should have said
    "hey, i screwed up. I was goofing around, sent some pictures, acted irresponsibly. It wont happen again. Peace out brussel sprout."

  3. @Lost: ohh ohh, make sure I am on the list! I love a good apology letter!

    @Lance: Oh you are no fun! if you send them only to your wife, that takes all the fun out of the scandal/lie/cover up/tearful apology cycle!

    No I am with both of you boys on this, not a big deal at all had it just been copped to and apologized for... it would have been news for a day and over with but now it is this huge messy ugly distraction that matters not at all.

  4. I agree with you and Lost on this issue. What a bunch of douche bags.

  5. If I ever become famous and get caught for such lewd acts (and I will because I’m a dirty whore), I’m totally not apologizing in a public conference. Seriously, why do we care about the sex life of a politician? He did something that thousands of the people who are judging him do every day. It’s his wife who has been wronged, let the man apologize to her in private.

  6. Lol. And don't forget Brett Farve. :o)

  7. I still cant understand how people with so much media attention lurking right next to them and they yet dare to take such risks? For us normal poor folk, we can get away with that, provided u are single, but people in the media spot light? Ballsy and not too smart.

  8. I have stopped being shocked by behavior like this. What still shocks me though is that they still think emails, texts, voicemails, and other illicit encounters are going to stay private. When will people understand that what you put out there stays out there and that once it leaves your computer, phone, or hand that you have no control over where it goes from there!? It really isn't rocket science.

  9. ah damnit! it was so hot until he cried over it!

    i guess he took jon stewart's advice finally. i wonder what, if anything, will happen.

  10. Why lie about it? Own it and move on, damn!

  11. And in the grand scheme of things, The Rep's pic of his underwear-ed junk is nothing compared to the other guys you listed. His was stupid judgement. The rest, just plain stupid.

  12. Im a huge nerd and I still giggle every time I hear something about Weiner showing his weiner :P


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