Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Will I Ever Win? Indie Ink Weekly Challenge

I am excited! Another great weekly challenge from my friends at Indie Ink. They are never going to be able to get rid of me now! You should come play with us, it's a good time. 

This week, my challenge came from Michael Webb at You should stop over and check what he has going on. The challenge is at the bottom of the post. It threw me for a loop but I tried to take it from a relatable angle and somehow came up with yet another poem. I know, yawn... I'm sure I'm boring you by now but thanks for reading it anyways! 

Will I Ever Win?
I keep playing
But no closer to the end
The victory
Or perhaps the defeat

I should pick a better game
One with less risks
One with better odds
Something that requires little skill
And even less investment

It’s easy to win
When there is so little to lose
To go forward with reckless abandon
All in
With no regrets

Much easier to lose
With so much at stake
Such a bet to wager
A gamble
No wise man would make

Will I ever win?
That remains to be seen
But I will keep playing

Stay in the game
Live through the twists and the turns
Learn the lessons as they come
And play again
Wiser the next time

So my challenge was this: Fleetwood Mac once asked, in "Rhiannon", "Will you ever win?". Will you?

Yeah, so Fleetwood Mac is not my specialty but I do like this song and the story behind it. I am including the video and the Wiki facts on it just as an FYI. And yes, I realize that my take on the challenge really has nothing to do with either but the intention was good if that counts. 

My challenge for this week went out to Wide Lawns at and it was done with fantastic talent. Go check it out! 


  1. An easy win would be a rich nerd, 6/10 on the looks department, and become the epitome of the trophy wife.

    Or, you know. The lottery. That's a nice win too.

  2. I know Stevie was higher than a coked up kite in a March swell when she wrote that but the line before Will You Ever Win? is even more poignant -

    "Would you stay if she promised you heaven?" - religious implications aside, no one, esp in an intense relationship can provide heaven. Dude is doomed and he doesn't even know it. Stevie/Rhiannon was evil wasn't she?


    Loved it Ran, especially the last two stanzas.

  3. I like a lot of Fleetwood Mac, which is kind of weird. I always liked the lyric "Wouldn't you love to love her?" from Rhiannon.

    Great job. I don't think there is "a better game" than this one. ;-)

  4. I'm not a fan of poetry so when I see it done well I have to give kudos to the author.

    Nicely crafted! ;-)

  5. That's a very motivational and uplifting poem. Very Nicely Done . You have done pure justice to your challenge. Congrats..

  6. I'll admit it, I'm a Fleetwood Mac fan! I liked the poem it was almost "hopeful" with a tinge of regret, maybe? Or not. I just dissect everything! lol

  7. My girlfriend has been having some major problems lately. She is frustrated at life, and has been pretty down in the dumps.

    I showed her this post.

    She loved it. So much, she printed the poem, and it is hanging above her desk.

    Congratulations and thanks. :)

  8. Another fantastic rendering, my darling one.~

    I would LOVE to come play with you at II, but I am full of fail at suggesting prompts. *sad face* Also, since time is so scarce now, if my prompt has to be completed within a certain time I would possibly be even MORE full of fail. *VERY sad face*

  9. @Lost: Yes, I would make a lovely trophy wife, but my husband has to buy me boobs for my wedding present so there is always a catch ya know? And for your second comment, thank you SO much for sharing this feedback. I was not super excited about this piece to be honest with you, felt like it wasn't really what I wanted it to be but I'm glad that the GF found value in it.

    @Lance: I was not about to tackle trying to decipher the intent behind the lyrics, especially when the kept changing in live performances and such but since it was originally based on a witch book, I totally think the dude stood no chance of winning with her, ever.

    @Onion: Thanks love! I know, "wouldn't you love to love her?" what a statement huh? I wonder if people say that about me....just kidding!

    @Stefan: thank you kind sir! Everything you write comes out like beautiful poetry so I'm surprised that you don't normally lean to it.

    @Chamindra: Thanks so much for the feedback! So appreciated!

    @Yvonne: you so get me girlie, although I take is as regretful with a tinge of hope but that's just my half empty take on things sometimes!

    @sweet Kat: Thanks so much for reading it love. I miss you so very much but I totally understand that life comes first sometimes. When you are ready to play again, I will be waiting with big Randy kisses for you darling! *Mwah!!*

  10. This was a great response to the prompt and you captured the sentiment beautifully. Best line: "it's easy to win when there is so little to loose." That sums it up brilliantly! Well done.

  11. RandyGirl poetry is ALWAYS full of win, my darling. ;-)


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