Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Happy Monday kids! I assume you all had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend, that is my hope for you at least. I thought I would start your week off with a little random recap just for fun.

It has been a minute since I have had a good Randy story to share with you and I apologize. All of this trying to behave myself and doing "real" writing has really put a crimp in my shenanigans. But fear not, just when you have given up on getting any good stories out of me, the "neighbor incident" happens. This is really random, even for me!

So last week, the quiet little church mouse neighbor girl that had lived beside me since I moved here several years ago moved out. I was kind of bummed because she was super quiet and very polite and really was an ideal neighbor to have. I was a little nervous about who would be taking up residence in her place.

It seems I had nothing to fear as the new neighbor, a single 30-something guy, seemed to be pretty nice upon our first driveway introduction midweek. We were both on our way out so it was a quick intro, welcome to the hood, and catch ya later type convo. But I didn't fail to notice that he was rather attractive. Note to self...

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon. I has just returned from my Saturday morning volunteer gig and was tired from Friday late night craziness with friends. I was looking forward to eating lunch and taking a nice long nap to recover. Neighbor Guy was pulling in at the same time as me.

We started our driveway chatting again and that ended up with house tours and him bringing me some delicious flatbread that he had picked up at a great little deli and insisted I needed to try since we are both fans of hummus and flatbread as it turns out. Bonus points for that.

We hung out for a bit, flirting a little along the way (hey, we are both single good looking kids and we can so why not?) and then went our separate ways.

About 20 minutes later, there is  knock on my door. No surprise that it is Neighbor Guy. He is all nervous and wound up and is cracking me up because he is throwing down his best game and I think he is as surprised as I am that he had the balls to come back over.

I give him full credit for manning up. I also tell him that it doesn't work quite that way with me and although flattered, it was going to take a little more time and effort to move our situation forward. Hooking up with the hot new neighbor upon meeting only happens in pornos right? I did however indulge in a few hot kitchen counter make out moments....hell, why not? He is hot, aggressive, and confident and I can appreciate all of those things.

We had a few half-joking "how awkward will this be" conversations and how it ends up remains to be seen but it is safe to say that the idea has been firmly planted in our minds and I am guessing that at some point, we will see exactly how awkward being make-out neighbors or more can be.

I could not have made that scenario happen if I tried. Nor would I have thought to. But, that is the beauty of being lil' ol' me... random things happen when I least expect it.  Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood...right!? !


  1. If it doesn't get weird, it would be handy to have a fella next door. Maybe he will even be the type who can fix stuff.

    I am totally living vicariously. My neighbor is an old man. He does excellent lawn work, but...

  2. Ugh! My neigbor is a gay man!!!! Good job R! Much props to you for "seizing the day!" :)

  3. Why can't I have you for a neighbor?

  4. Wow. And my highlight of the weekend was trimming hedges and mowing lawns...

    You win. :D

  5. Let's see, to one side, I see a vacant house that is about to fall over because the owner is, (and I will choose my words wisely) a douche canoe and my other neighbor(s) are grandparents that have allowed their daughter & her children, to move in. Oh, along with daughters thug ass boyfriend/donor/mooch/. Winners, I tell you, the entire lot of em', winners.

  6. @Onion: yes, handy indeed. Possibly a little too convenient and must too tempting

    @Yvonne: carpe diem! Moments like these are too few and far between to not at least entertain the thought of them as far as I am concerned.

    @Hero: Oh darling, you would totally qualify for neighbor make out privileges if you were my neighbor, for sure!

    @Lost: I agree, making out trumps yard work almost every time

    @ib: sounds like it's time to relocate friend!

    ps. I'm making cookies as I type, guess who is getting some... uh huh.... I'm talking about the cookies...geesh!

  7. Indeed. And, we may be doing just that, very soon.

  8. This just makes Mr. Rogers' song "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" so dirrrrty, doesn't it, love?~ ;-)

    Good on ya for having fun, but cutting it off where you wanted to do.

  9. I'm just catching up on all my blogs, and hot damn I am jealous! I need to move to a bigger apartment, mine is all middle aged women. All.


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