Friday, May 20, 2011

Soft-Core Friday - Who knows sexy better than Victoria's Secret

It's time for another "Soft-Core" Friday here at Random Girl....yahooooo!!!

And really, who knows sexy better than the angels of Victoria's Secret? Well, other than me of course....

Recently, Victoria's Secret announced the 2011 What Is Sexy list. This list includes categories such as "Sexiest Curves", "Sexiest Legs", "Sexiest Eyes", etc... you get the idea. Basically it is a bunch of hot girls being talked about by a bunch of super hot girls. Boys, this one's for you.

Victoria's Secret 2011 What Is Sexy List

Now, if you will excuse me, it's almost the weekend.... I have to go pick out which of Victoria's Secrets I will be sharing with one of my lucky guy this weekend....

No worries though, if you are still wanting a little more "Soft-Core" to brighten your Friday catch up on all of  my sexy Random Girl articles over at the The Dude Society now. I know, I'm such a giver... 


  1. VS is nice, but give me a woman wearing a pair of boyshorts and one of my dress shirts any day. Rawr!

  2. Can't argue, but everyone to their own really

  3. @Lost: I agree the boyshort/button down is always a go-to sexy look, and comfortable too unlike some of the more complicated VS outfits

    @OT: I thought you might like this. At least I didn't get another one of your "nothing to see here" comments! I'm trying....

    @sam: I agree, sexy is very subjective but you have to give it to the VS girls, they make the most of their...assets.

  4. Victoria's Secret is one of my addictions. I have a weird bra size and the fact that they make such cute things in that size spells Kat-Spending-Disaster. Ooopsy!

  5. Give, Give, Give! I'm practically Santa Claus! :)


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