Friday, May 13, 2011

Soft-Core Friday - Maxim's Hot 100

Happy Friday Kids!

I will not be deterred by Blogger's cock-blocking attempt. Soft-Core Friday will carry on, even it means doing yet another post for it. Suck it Blogger!

I know I have been a little heavy on the man-love lately here at Soft-Core so this week it is for the fellas. Ready for some wicked hotness of the female variety??

If so, click here and behold the hotness of Maxim's Hot 100 list.

I may not agree with all their picks, but hey, they can't all be as hot as Random Girl right?? It's a shame, I know!

I won't be putting up any pics here out of fear respect of copyright issues but take a minute, click the link, and enjoy the direct route to super sexy that I have given you.


  1. Pfff. Their list is crap.

    I didn't see you anywhere on it...

  2. It'll be a great day when that list isn't full of skinny waifs.

  3. Very few of those women did anything for me.

    I wonder if bloggers realize their latest posts were never released?

  4. Idaho stole my comment.

    I didn't see Kitty Kat either.

  5. You didn't post any pics of yourself for fear of worlds colliding and Blogger destruction right? I thought so.

  6. Natalie Portman, check. She's a good actor. Eva Mendes... NO. Cameron Diaz was hot 25lbs ago. Too skinny now. I'll give Olivia Wilde a pass, because I'm a House Whore. Love that freakin' show. Hey Megan Fox, you're cute, what's your trailer lot number? I'd rip Lindsey Lohan's arms off and beat Kim Kardashian with them, then skull fuck the both of them. Pointless for them to be on the list. They barely rank as human. Beau Garrett- Used to be a guy, with a name like Beau. amirite? Kelly Brook? NO Kelly Brock! There's a girl on this list who's name is Kelly Kelly???? BWAHAHAHAAA STRIPPER. I've seen Erin Andrews from 3 feet away, and she really IS that amazingly beautiful. And smart. And well spoken. And smells pretty. Yeah, not digging this list.

  7. Oh yeah, and another thing.... Randy should definitely be on this list. She's delish!

  8. Maybe we should make our own Blogger Hot 100??? That would be awesome and we could feature real women...That would be hot for sure! Who's in??

  9. I would enjoy that. Can I be on the panel to pick the 100?

    Make a 'blogging idol' esque page, and see if we can get participation. I love this idea!

  10. @Lost: I think we totally should...for real. Let's get together on qualification etc soon.

  11. I thought these were hot women? Why were Miley, Hillary Duff, JWoww, and Nicki Minaj on the list, just to name a few?

    Also, I think we'll need a picture of you, you know, for comparison purposes.

  12. @Joshua: Hot is subjective, I totally agree that some of the picks were them being nice or feeling charitable but hey, to each their own.
    As for a my pic, there are a few scattered around my blog posts here and's like where's waldo...


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