Monday, May 9, 2011

Sex with the Ex - Random Girl @ The Dude Society

Happy Monday morning kids!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I also hope you showed your mother some much-deserved appreciation on Sunday. If not, call me and I will tell you why you are sucky son/daughter.

Sorry to disappoint you kids but I will not be posting my most recent round of shenanigans here today. I am simply here to pimp my latest article at The Dude Society. This was spawned from my recent relapse with Fireman in concept, although we aren't technically ex's, it got me thinking and the pros/cons still kind of apply.

Check it out, show me some comment love if you so desire, and let me know what you think!

Here is sneak peek of what is going on there:

The Hot And The Ugly: Pros And Cons Of Sex With Your Ex

Your ex is an ex for a reason right? If everything had been paradise, the two of you would still be together, but you aren’t. Clearly there was a problem.
What if the sex was good…  Should you reconnect with your ex for sex?


  1. I don't know if this counts as reconnecting. That implies that you're back together, instead of just getting off one more time (or four, if it's good...).

  2. Sex with my ex? No thank you. I would rather fuck a whole in the wall. Oh wait that is like fucking my ex, never mind.

  3. Done it. This was before I met The Wife. At least 6 different occasions. What can I say, I'm a slut.

  4. just love the one your with...

    haven't had an ex in so long, i cannot remember sex with an ex...

    but i guarantee when this wife drops me like a sack of taters, i will not be back...and the sex is good...

    just do not need the added headache, drama, or bullshit.

    but i am old and prolly skewing the numbers...

  5. There's no danger of me romping with my ex. He had a small penis.

  6. What, everybody doesn't do that already?

  7. no. thank. You.

    Despite what you are about to read with with Caleb and Ava ...what? did I type that?

  8. @Lost: I meant "reconnect" as in body parts fitting together only, not actually emotions.

    @OT: umm, not much I can say... but I'm laughing that's for sure.

    @Joshua: You say "slut" like it's a bad judgement here!

    @Bruce: you are a wise, wise man

    @sweet Kat: Well, obviously all bets are off when dealing with the small penis'd ex you reference. Nothing worth going back on that. There has to be some "Pro" right?!?

    @Yvonne: No comment as in "never done it"? or as in "doing it now"... I have my guess!

    @Drake: I think a lot people do it, most don't like to admit it!

    @Lance: ohhhh, juicy foreshadowing???!?!? Yahoo!

  9. Just had THE best ex sex

  10. @Anonymous: Yahoo for you! Glad that your ex is still good for something for you!


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