Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random Girl Truth-or-Dare: Vegas style. Want in?

With my impending weekend in Vegas basically taking over my brain at this point, I thought it might be fun to let you darling kids throw some friendly suggestions my way of things you would like to see via Randy-cam pics and tweets while I'm there.

As promised, I will be keeping you all in the loop of my shenanigans via twitter/randomgirlblog should you care to follow me around...which I know you will...because you are all stalkers right?!?

I am putting the disclaimer out there right now that I have total right of refusal on any ideas submitted but I think you know me well enough by now that I am really down for about anything so I don't think I will have to enforce that right much if at all.

So bring it on kids! Consider it like a "Random Girl In Vegas" version of truth-or-dare and let the games begin!


  1. Go to a strip joint and get up on stage. Stripping or not, just a shot of you and a pole. They never say no to a girl wanting to get up on stage, especially a hot one.

  2. As most of my suggestions would probably be refused for being over the top, lets say this... I LOVE Vegas for lots of reasons, but one of them is the people watching.

    So I'd love to see tweeted pics of any outrageous people... preferably sexy ladies, but I'm entertained by general craziness too.

    I'm about as jealous as a dude can be. Have a blast!


  3. Stalked. I mean, followed.

    Suggestions? Maybe someone passed out drunk on the sidewalk, or swimming in a fountain.

  4. 1) Photo with Elvis (the real one!)
    2) Handstand under the Eiffel Tower
    3) Get a piggy back ride from any C-list (or lower) celebrity

  5. Ask "where are the elephants?!?" at Cirque Du Soliel.

  6. Change your name for the trip! Create an alias!

  7. Yeah, I am sure to be banned for suggestions pertaining to your trip to Vegas, but I like Idaho's stripper, pole request.

  8. ask someone what time sigfried and roy come out and where elvis is. :)

  9. @Lost: Consider it done. I am sure I will have no problem finding a stripper pole in Vegas.

    @SD: I have never been disappointed with people watching in Vegas. I will find something good for you!

    @Joshua: Thanks for mean following. Drunk people in Vegas? That's almost too easy!

    @OT: Thanks love, I intend to do just that!

    @Wow: All should be accomplished.. I'll try my best!

    @ET: Cirque is not on the agenda this trip but I will ask Holly Madison where the sheep are at PeepShow when we go Friday if that works.

    @Heather: Wait, you mean I was supposed to use my real name in Vegas at some point? ooops!! I will find a good alias to go under

    @ib: I thought you might like Idaho's idea. go figure!

    @Yvonne: That would be awesome! I'm sure I'll see Elvis at some point on my own.

    @Drake: yes indeed!

  10. Drunk people, yes. But someone passed out drunk? Pissed themselves is optional.

  11. @Joshua: Thanks for the clarification. Drunk to the point of passing out people are far more common than you would think in LV, I should be able to get that one!


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