Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jealousy - Red Writing Hood Friday link up

It's almost time for another Red Writing Hood Friday link up but since I got it done early and just want to have fun with my "Soft-core Friday" posts on Friday, I am posting this to Random Girl a little ahead of time. Deal with it.

I am having a lot of fun taking on these writing prompts and this weeks prompt was a good one: JEALOUSY

There were a million ways I thought about going on this one but just a moment at the park while *watching my princess play in the sunshine this week told me exactly what I am most jealous of. Hope you enjoy!


I look at her with envy
She bounces effortlessly
From here to there
Captivating all who see her

Her smile shines
And her eyes sparkle
They are the perfect shade of blue

Her long blonde hair
Reflecting the rays of the sun
Looks almost like a halo
For the angel that she is

But it is more than her smile
Or her perfect blue eyes
It is her open heart
Her love that comes with no conditions
The joy that surrounds her

The freedom of loving
Without knowing hurt
Believing what she has been told
And knowing she is worthy

I am jealous
of her beautiful heart
of her true belief
of her joyful spirit
Because I want it too

*edit made to clarify the inspiration as being my princess after first 5 comments made. Seemed to be a little ambiguity about who the subject was so I wanted to clear it up. 


  1. my fav part: "The freedom of loving
    Without knowing hurt
    Believing what she has been told
    And knowing she is worthy"

    I live with women and watching them go back and forth between being free and happy with themselves to being catty or jealous of otehrs is mind blowing.

    Perfect sentiment Lisa, I mean Randy. awesome job.

  2. Great stuff, a jealously that we all feel then feel bad about for having uncharitable thoughts.

  3. This poem doesn't work when you're sitting in front of a mirror. You're jealous of your reflection, without realizing it's you.

  4. What a perfect person to be jealous of, huh? Great job creating this portrait.

  5. I think this person is a i right?

  6. this sounds like a poem about a puppy!

    i love puppies!


  7. Yep, I'm there. I get it. Aaahhh youth. ... and puppies. (What?!) LOL
    Lovely post, I can feel the sunshine.

  8. I knew right away it was a kid...only children are that pure and innocent. LOVED this.

  9. Such a sweet poem! Great job!

  10. Wonderful. Really. I think you did an excellent job on this poem.

  11. You must have been reading me, while I was reading you!

    Great poem. I really felt it as I was reading it.

    Im now a follower!!

  12. Nice, love your poetry.

    Hurt sucks, who wants to know that?

    I wrote a poem too for this prompt. Hey, its almost like we are the same person, no?

  13. A's so nice when people use poetry with the prompts. I liked this poem. It showed the kinder side of jealousy...

    Well done. I enjoyed reading this one very much:~)

  14. Beautiful.. The world would be a much better place if we were all like children - viewing the world from their eyes.

  15. This made my heart ache, but not in a bad way. :) There is such truth in this piece. It's really, really beautiful.

  16. What a great poem. I love how honest it is. Because we all feel that way--how can things go so well (or seem to) for other people?

  17. Oops--it posted before I was done. I was going to say:

    It's especially hard when we look and know that it will come to an end sometime. Because then we have both the jealousy and the guilt!

  18. I also envy children their innocence and lack of problems. I want my childhood back (sometimes).

  19. This was gorgeous! I adore the sentiment- their sweet hearts are lovely aren't they? And the perspective that you took was refreshing!

    I loved the "reflecting the rays of the sun" line- perfect!


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