Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good Bloggers Pay It Forward - The Award

Hello Kids! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend.

Yesterday was beautiful, today it's rainy and a little overcast but that actually worked to my advantage because it was perfect sleeping in weather which I love! I love me some lazy Sundays. 

The lovely Heather at My Husband Ate All my Ice cream bestowed this award upon me and I must say a big Randy thanks to her for that. How nice it is to be thought of as someone who helps other bloggers. I will take that any day! 
So here are the rules: 
Our fellow bloggers present us with a lot of opportunities for furthering our blogs, and gaining followers.  Here is a way to Pay It Forward to them. When you have been bestowed with the honor of the Pay It Forward Award., insert this award at the topof a blog post along with these rules, and find FIVE fellow bloggers to bestow it upon. Thank the person who awarded you, mention them in your post, along with a link to your favorite post on their blog, and a short blurb about why you liked it. Next, comment on their blog to let them know you are bestowing the award on them, and that they should do the same. And remember: Good Bloggers Pay It Forward!

There are so many generous bloggers out there that truly go out of their way to promote others, host guest posts, and just shine the spotlight on others in an attempt to help their work be seen that it is hard for me to narrow it down to 5. But since rules are rules, I would like to send some love back to a few people that have helped get Random Girl seen by the masses. I'm not going to link to a specific post because I think that pretty much everything that these kids post is truly worth reading so take a few minutes and get to know them, you will be glad you did! 

1. Simple Dude from Simple Dude in a Complex World: Really this guy doesn't need any help from me in getting people to read his blog but he has really helped me get exposure to new readers and we have had a lot of fun promoting each other's efforts. After achieving the holy grail of being BON'd, he has shared his good fortune and used his powers for good instead of evil. 

2: Jewels from Jewels Turning 30: Not only does Jewels have the sweetest heart, she is super generous with promoting other's posts as well as guest posting. She did a fantastic guest post for my series on Cheating and   highlights many other blogger's work on her site on an almost daily basis.  

3. Lance from My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog: So talk about the best of all worlds, that's Lance. He has a great gift of combining the art of storytelling while promoting the efforts of great writing site's prompts and challenges at the same time such as Studio30 Plus, Velvet Verbosity, and Indie Ink.. Plus he continually supports my efforts and provides great feedback on my  fiction and poetry and makes me want to write better. 

4. Oilfield Trashcan at Make Daddy A Sammich: OT is the first to highlight the efforts of his fellow bloggers. He also has a heartfelt, real-world view of topics that anyone can relate to and appreciate. His posts vary from raising kids to political/environmental issues, to basic observations of everyday life but he is never boring and always gives me something to think about. 

5. Rita at The Adventures of Cinderita: Not only is she adventurous and fearless, but she is my sunshine. Literally. Everyday there is something uplifting and inspiring coming from this girl and her blog/tweets. She is always so supportive of her fellow bloggers, hosts guest bloggers on a regular basis, and quick to recognize the work and efforts of what people are doing to be better tomorrow than they are today. 


  1. Nothing for me?! It's because I'm blue, isn't it?

  2. Thank you a lot. I'll get on this tonight. It's writers like you that keep me positive. You are the epitome of community among the people who blog.

    Is that enough sucking up or will cash be needed for the other contest?

  3. This is the sweetest award I've ever recieved (and that includes the nice rack award!) and I can't thank you enough. What a bright light in my day your words have been. :) Thanks Randy girl! I will be sure to do this award, and you justice, by passing this along to other wonderful bloggers! :)

  4. I'm seriously like, overjoyed at the concept that Chris and I came up with when creating this award. Between this and Blogger Idol, we are going to see some good blogs getting the recognition they deserve!!

  5. Congrats on your award! And yay to the blogs you pimped out! Some I'm familiar with but others I'm not. I'll have to check them out.

  6. You couldn't have picked a more deserving five Randy. Good on ya mate.

  7. Wow. That is the sweetest thing(s) anyone has ever said about me. Thank you. That is beautiful. Wow. I'm so happy that I can provide some sunshine into your day , everyday.

    Leaving BArcelona tomorrow as the exTRAVELganza is nearing it's am sad to be leaving, and will catch up and post/pay forward this award once I am home. xoxoxo

  8. Congrats, Random Girl! You deserve it. :-)

  9. Thank you very much!!!! I will post about this on Tuesday.

  10. Good idea, like your posts! I have become a go girl! I saw your award and became aware of your blog from Simple Dude in a Complex World.

  11. @Julie: Thanks for checking out Random Girl! Glad you decided to stay awhile. SD is the best, he is a great pimp!

  12. Congratulations on the award! I also got here from Simple Dude in a Complex World. And at the risk of sounding repetitive, I DO like your writing style.


  13. Congratulations, my darling! I strongly approve of your choices on which to pass it, too. We are surrounded by some pretty brilliant peeps, aren't we?~

  14. Now that I'm back, I can finally give this award the due it deserves! Thank you again! Missed you!


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