Thursday, May 26, 2011

And I'm off... almost....

Well kids, the time is finally drawing near... time for me to get on that plane and find myself transported to the next best place to Oz....fabulous Las Vegas!

Thanks for all the Truth or Dare challenges put forth....I look forward to taking them on while I am getting my scandal on Vegas style over the next few days. Feel free to tweet me additional ideas as they come to you as I would like to make this an interactive adventure just for giggles.

I won't be checking my blog or reading any of yours while I am gone as I am leaving my trusty laptop at home so I'm not even tempted to spend any of my #teamnosleep time online. Never fear, I plan to catch up upon my return and I'm sure I'll have a shenanigan or two to share with you all.

Ok, I'm off.... to find  a stripper pole, a passed-out drunk person, and Elvis.... oh yeah, and to ask where the elephants are at Cirque. I have my work cut out for me on this trip! Wish Lola luck!


  1. Enjoy yourself. And take pictures for us who are living vicariously through you and your sexploits err exploits.

  2. This could easily get R rated... which is why I'm grinning.

  3. Have a brilliant and safe time, love.~ *mwah!*


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