Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Telling the Truth - Studio30 Plus Weekly Prompt

It's Studio30 Plus weekly writing prompt time again, kids! 

I have been thinking about this Studio30 Plus writing prompt since it went up this week. I have been stumped by how I would approach it. But alas, it was time to write or quit, and I am no quitter so here you have it. 

This week's writing prompt is "'Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people' - Spencer Johnson"

I saw a Twitter quote today that read “There is no time like the present to erase your past”. I could not disagree with this statement more strongly. To erase my past, to deny what brought me to today, to pretend that there is no context surrounding who I am at this moment is lying to myself.

Spencer Johnson said “Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.” How could I ever have integrity or share honesty if I deny myself my past?

There are plenty of moments in my life that I would like to have had the foresight to prevent, but to erase the fact that they happened afterwards? No. If I were to do that, I would be denying myself the knowledge of experience that I have now.  Essentially I would be blinding my foresight that I could apply in future situations and really setting myself up for more missteps.

Integrity, telling myself the truth, is me acknowledging my actions. There is no one to blame or praise but myself. Sure, people have contributed to situations, pleasure or pain, joy or hurt, but no one has lived those moments but me. No one has felt those feelings as I have. No one has learned the lessons of my life but me. To lie to myself is futile. To try to erase those moments is impossible.

Honesty, telling the truth to other people, is me being accountable for myself. It’s not for someone to pass judgment, offer opinion, or question my experiences.  Although many times that is exactly what happens when I share my truth with someone. But to erase that truth, to offer nothing but a blank slate or some fictional account of who I am and what I’ve done? How would that make me any more valuable to anyone else?

I live in reality. I tell myself the truth even if I don’t like it. I tell my truth to other people even if they don’t want to hear it. I will not erase my past, today or any day. 


  1. The naked truth is the most raw, beautiful and rare flower in existence.

    My first soon-to-be-famous quote. Remember this day. <3

  2. Only a handful of people should ever want to "erase their past". The past is what created you as a person today. I agree with everything you said. Nicely stated.

  3. Yep I agree with Lost. Just look at my blog posts which are about the shit that happens to me, you couldn't write better fiction than my real life.

  4. Bono says his favorite songs are the ones he hears and then screams 'damn it, I wish id written that'd. That's how I feel about this post. I wish id written it. Excellent

  5. I often say that I never regret anything in my past and it's really honestly true. I wouldn't change a single decision I ever made because then I wouldn't be who I am today and I freaking love me. I would never want to erase my past experiences because even the bad ones (especially the bad ones) have taught me so much. Anyway-good post. I was stumped on this one myself and skipped last weeks too...I'll get back on eventually.

  6. The hardest thing for me to do is to look at myself in the mirror. Because that is where I see my true self with flaws and all. Mirrors don't lie, only we do.

  7. I grew up in a great family that unfortunately thought we had to be "fine" all of the time. It made me feel that I couldn't always be honest when things weren't "fine". It made me grow up to be a person that refuses to sugarcoat my world. I just won't do it. Good post.

  8. I have given you an award over at my blog.

  9. You really aren't doing anyone, including yourself, a favor when you lie. I mean, there are times when tact should take precendence, but it really does a person better in the long run if you don't just tell them what they want to hear at that time.

    This was a difficult prompt and you did a stellar job with it, my darling.~


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