Monday, April 11, 2011

The Random Girl Rotation - Weekend Review

Here we are at Monday again. Hope you loves had a fantastic weekend!

First and foremost, a huge thanks to Amber LaShell for making Random Girl look so F'ing hot! She designed my new blog look and now I am in love with it and her! Thanks Girlie!

Now, back to business....

Just wanted to give you kids a little update on the Random Girl rotation as I'm sure you have just been sitting around waiting to see what I have been up to since the search for Fireman's replacement has officially begun.

Last week I started talking to a guy who had some solid potential, let's call him Mr. Out of Town shall we? He is only here on business for limited time so that is perfect.  He is my prototypical guy looks wise, 6', dark hair, light eyes, athletic build. If it ain't broke, don't fix it right? We collectively have the worse schedules ever and despite our best efforts throughout most of last week, were not able to meet up until late Saturday night.

We made plans to meet a club, upon walking into which, I immediately ran into The Man. Remember him? What are the odds? Slim I tell ya, very slim. The Man seldom goes out and less seldom goes to this particular club.  Luckily I was looking smokin' hot and got immense satisfaction of seeing the look of "Daaaaammmmnnn!" on his face when saw me. He tried to stick around and talk but I advised him that I had to go find my friends. He proceeded to text me until 4am. Sorry baby, you snooze you lose with this girl.

Shortly after my second run in with The Man at the club, I met up with Mr. Out of Town. I was not disappointed with the real life representation of the theory. He has twinkly eyes, twinkly I tell you! And his friends were pretty cool too so we had a good night out at the club, dancing, having drinks, being a little flirty.

I'm  glad I decided to go and check him out. I had debated on even starting it up with him since he is on his way back to Vancouver on Tuesday but what the hell, life is short right?  As the night was winding down, we were just getting started. I can't tell you that last time that I have had a honest to goodness full throttle, hot-as-hell, horny teenager make out in a parking lot but I did on Saturday. So totally not me yet so totally appropriate for the moment and my mood. I got home and still smelled liked him, and he smelled so good. I almost didn't want to take a shower in the  morning just to keep breathing him in. I know, weird, but I love a guy who smells amazing but not in an "I'm trying way too hard and doused myself in a gallon of Abercrombie" kind of way.

I declined an invitation for an overnight. Don't ask me why because I don't know but I did and it was the right decision. He has been trying like hell since then to see me again..hmm... wonder why?!? We shall see. If it happens, it happens, if not... then have a safe flight home Mr. Out of Town. Right? I have gotten over my sense of feeling like I owe anyone anything because I simply don't. I'll keep you posted on how things shake out but one way or the other he is out of town and out of mind on Tuesday for good.

On the longer term front, Secret Agent Man is back in town on Monday and we have a date Monday night. It has been a few weeks since we have gone out or been able to see each other so I am looking forward to putting him back on the calendar, hopefully on a regular basis. I'm not getting too excited at this point because there a lot of unknowns but he has potential so we shall see. I'm like the teacher that starts everyone off with an A, it's up to him to keep it.

Other than stocking the rotation, not much going on with Random Girl at the moment. Looking forward to working on this weeks Studio30 Plus writing prompt "Risk" and I signed up at Indie Ink for a challenge, which my challenger has decided I need to "write a story where nothing happens".... he must read my blog!!

Thanks for continuing to tag along with me through my randomness, you guys rock! And a big welcome to my new followers as well...welcome aboard! Hope you like crazy and inappropriate because you will get a lot of both here.


  1. Well, thank goodness this new dude is 6 feet tall. I mean who would want him to be 5'8". That would cancel out his soulmate capabilities.

    *sarcasm disguised as short dude frustration*

    I signed up for Indie Ink too. Several people have asked me too and I was just being a snobby jagoff about it. Done. See you April 18th.

    I really like the new look. She did a great job.

  2. Like the blog overhaul. Can you ask Mr Out of Town how he achieves the 'twinkly eye' effect, eye drops, perhaps?

  3. I haven't had a good ol' makeout session in a long time.

    Maybe my girl and I need to do a 'teenager date night,' where we sneak liquor into a movie theatre, make out all night, and only get as far as some heavy petting over the clothes.

  4. The new blog look is great! I am really proud of my work on this one... Came out better than I anticipated, simple, but awesome! I wish I had that many possiblities to rotate... My FWB is out of town, and it's killing me! Good luck w/them.

    AmberLaShell Rants
    AmberLaShell's Naughty Nights
    AmberLaShell's Blog Design

  5. It is always good to have options I guess.

  6. My last make-out session was something similar to yours. Sigh, that was quite a while ago, I need to step it up! I'm craving "make-out"! lol

  7. THAT'S what I forgot to do that you suggested, my darling RandyGirl: hook up with Indie Ink.

    I love the new layout! It's sexy yet classy, fun yet sleek, and completely brilliant: exactly like you darling.~

  8. Parking lots can sometimes be very good places.

  9. Ooooooooooooo! Looks quite nice here! I'm all jealous of your parking lot makeout session. Those types of moments are probably the only thing I miss about being in high school. Oh, the memories.....

  10. Cool new logo... I love this blog so much, it's like sex in the city but cooler

  11. Another great job by Amber and I'm proud of you for ignoring the Fireman's attempts to contact you. Nobody needs drama and that is what he brings. Yay for all the potential in your rotation! You rock, sweets!

  12. @Lance: You know I have love for all my boys, no hatin' here! If we get paired up at Indie Ink for next week's challenge, be nice!

    @Tony: I will indeed ask Mr. Out of Town how he achieves such a feat. Although he flew out this morning and took his twinkly eyes with him. boo!

    @Lost: I would highly recommend you and the girl revisit a good old fashioned make out. I forgot how fun those were but am glad I was reminded.

    @Amber: Thanks for making my blog so sexy! You did a great job! Hope your fwb makes it back your way sooner rather than later

    @OT: Yes, I do love a few good options.

    @Yvonne: I would totally recommend a good solid make out asap! Good times...

    @sweet Kat: Yes darling, you must sign up for the challenge at Indie Ink, good stuff going on there. And thanks for the approval in the new site, I think Amber did a lovely job of giving just what I wanted.

    @KLZ: Yes, I am fond of this particular parking lot, at least for a minute! They are much too underrated for make outs!

    @Heather: Thanks love! Glad you like the site. And makeouts are just for high school any more... bring the sexy back!

    @G: Thanks so much! That really is like the best compliment ever!

    @Jewels: Yes, Amber has made us both gorgeous hasn't she? And I am pretty sure that Fireman is out of my system now. All I needed was a few new distractions...ooohh....shiny things..... wait, what were we talking about?

  13. As one who is married to Special Agent, I am rooting for Secret Agent man, still. However Mr. Out of Town shows potential...


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