Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Overindulgence - Part 2

Are we ready for part 2 of Randy's overindulgence weekend kids? Good! Off we go!

In my last post I shared how my weekend of overindulgence started.  This is how it wrapped up.

Several weeks ago it was decided that I would be heading to the The City with a few friends for an overnight and a change of scenery. I was very much looking forward to it and I do love a good road trip and the opportunity to tear it up in a different city for a minute.

My friends (a newly formed love connection) left on Friday. I stayed behind because I had  my on-going volunteering obligation bright and early Saturday morning. (Yes, Randy does good for others sometimes. I believe in Karma and I need to do all I can to balance out things in my universe on a regular basis).

My adventure began with a lovely multi-hour solo drive in the pouring down rain with winds that were really ridiculous. But even crappy weather was not bringing me down on this trip. I had several options going for Saturday night ( I have friends, old and new, in the destination city) so I knew going in to it that it would not be a dull night for me.

To my surprise, Secret Agent Man was on assignment in the SAME city for the weekend. What a happy coincidence! I knew he was working the weekend but had no idea where until I told him where I was headed and he told me he was 20 minutes from my hotel and would be getting off of assignment early enough to come visit me.

I am very lucky girl. I have confessed on more than one occasion to you all how much I love hotel sex. I was fortunate to get to partake in it twice last week, same guy, different hotels in different cities. I can't make this stuff up.

After pulling the black out curtains and taking a leisurely afternoon nap, another one of my favorite hotel experiences, Secret Agent Man headed over to bring me a little room service. Sorry, I couldn't resist using the term, it sounds so sleazy in a rap-song kind of way! Afterwards, we met my friends out for a delicious late dinner and drinks. He had to work an event at 6:00 AM on Sunday morning so he excused himself after dinner and the rest of us headed out to a swanky club to get our rockstar on.

And rockstar we did! Drinks, dancing, VIP scene, the whole nine yards. Things got bananas. Randy drank more. Things got more bananas. It turns out my friends new girlfriend seems to like me. A little more than a friend's girlfriend should if you know what I mean. I was flattered but that is just not my thing, regardless of how much I have had to drink.

A short cab ride back to the hotel at 3AM and one dramatic boy/girl hotel lobby shouting match after the cab ride between the happy new couple (I really have no idea what led to that) and I made a run for my room. I don't do drama, especially someone else's. No thanks! Off to bed for me! Alone, thank you very much. I'm not that scandalous.

Contrary to what you might assume based on my last few posts, I don't usually rockstar to a "bananas" level and seldom have more than a drink or two when I got out.I am usually much more low key on my outtings but thanks to the weekend of overindulgence, I went all in on this one.  And yes, it totally felt like it when I woke up on Sunday morning.

After a late check out (best idea ever to call that request in when I got back Saturday night) I spent Sunday enjoying the city on my own. I took my sweet time shopping,  had another delicious meal in a fab restaurant, and then got the amazing cheesecake I referenced in yesterday's post that sparked the whole recognition of the "overindulgence" theme. It really was one of those treasured days of "me time" and getting the luxury of running my own agenda. I came home happy, way too full, a little hungover, and really exhausted on Sunday night.

Although it was beyond fun, I think weekends like this are good for reminding me that I need to get a handle on myself once in a while and re-evaluate how I am spending my time. Taken as a collective venture, I really have been pushing some unhealthy limits and being a believer in karma and all, it's time to dial it back. Don't be disappointed in me OK? I'm sure it won't last forever.


  1. a) you seem to realize this behavior is fun, temporary and cause for some internal alarm
    b) you're agrown woman who can make her decisions to let her self go when you want.

    I'm confused, so the other guy's girlfriend propositioned you and that led to an argument? This happened to me about ayear ago. One of Bobina's friends liked me a little too much, I acted clueless and my wife gave me a clue.

  2. Sounds like a good time - there is nothing wrong with letting loose and going a little bananas every so often.

    Last week I went from bananas to nuts to just plain loopy in one night. That level is only achieved about once per year - thankfully!

    The Simple Dude

  3. Glad you had a good time. And you gave new meaning to the term "room service".

  4. I need a weekend like this. Let the players be different, but the same sort of game.

    And now, thanks to you, I have "Housekeeping!" stuck in my head...

  5. What a fun, fun weekend for you! I've never had hotel sex -dammit!!!! I think that we all need and deserve a weekend like this from time to time. I hate you more now because you got more sex and I didn't. Ugh! Not really, it's all in the "I'm jealous" kind of way. But at least ONE of us is getting lucky! :)

  6. Let's hang oug one weekend! Think of the trouble..erm..I mean fun we would have!! And let's bring Jewels and Kat too! And our own rooms. lol

  7. That is the kind of over indulgence that you need now and then. How could I ever be disapointed in you when I'm so glad you let your hair down and had a good time. You only live this life once--enjoy it sweets!

  8. Oh Oh I didn't see Rita's comment before I left mine-I'm so in! hehe. I wanted a big ol slumber party and pillow fights! Our own rooms! :( Guess that would be better for if we meet any nice gentlemen though! ;) I love you ladies!

  9. @Lance: Yes and Yes to a) and b). It was fun while it lasted now I think it's time to consider being a responsible grown up again for a while. This stuff gets exhausting after a while. The scenario was complicated I guess because I'm still not sure what the heck happened exactly but she was not happy with either of us by the end of the night. Oh well, his girlfriend, not mine.

    As for the rest of you bad influences, thanks for you cheering me on as always. I hope you don't all get bored with me if I decide to give "behaving good" a solid run.

    Rita and Jewels, let me know when and where and I am SO there for a girls weekend!

  10. You have a good balance, my darling. A bit of overindulgence is fine, but I think we all know that it's not something to do all the time (remember my alcohol-infused St Pat's weekend? Oy...)

    I am so in for a Girly Weekend with my ladies! I love you girls!~

  11. Hotel sex is the hotel perk they never advertise!!

    You can tangle up all of the sheets and blankets, pour champagne in the bed (get a double) and don't even have to do the laundry. ya-haayyyy.

    This was way too complicated to explain to Granny when she wanted Special Agent and I to share a room with her on the road.

    Um, no.

  12. @Kat: finding balance, or maybe steady mix of both craziness and boredom, has always been my problem. It is feast or famine for me. Totally craziness, lots of sex, and shenanigans all at once, and then nothing but good behavior and chastity for a while and then back again. I would love a good mix on a continual basis. I know, I am picky!

    @Onion: I don't think they can legally advertise hotel sex in the brochure.. but I might be wrong on that. I love it for all of the reason you mentioned plus I kind of get on the fact that it's almost a public place, you can always hear whats going on when you walked down the halls so I assume other people can hear us. Not sure why that does it for me but it does. No sharing rooms with grandma...ever!


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