Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Las Vegas: Studio30 Plus Weekly Prompt

Are you playing with the cool kids at Studio30 Plus yet? If no, get your butt over there and get wordy with us! This week's writing prompt was: Las Vegas

Although I have many weekends of Las Vegas shenanigans to draw against for inspiration, I decided to take a little fiction short story angle the prompt just for fun. So here goes....

I was a kid that could never be told. I already knew.  Save your breath. You have nothing of value to offer me.  Once my mind was made up, there was no talking me down. Please, just please, shut your fucking mouth. I will not listen to you anyways.

But him? I listened to him. He was more than just a guy I knew.  He was a guy that told me that he loved me when no one else did. He was a guy that knew what was best for me and knew what I needed more than I did. He was a guy that couldn’t be wrong. And in a world where I thought no one understood me or could tell me anything worth listening to, I trusted him.

He never sought approval, didn’t ask me questions, my opinion didn’t matter. He stated only facts. He left no room for uncertainty. My unwavering belief in him was what he demanded, the price I had to pay for the life that he promised to give me.

He knew me. He knew what was best for me. He told me so all the time and I believed him. So when he picked me up with a ring in one hand and two plane tickets in the other, I got in the car even when I knew I should have shut the door and walked away.  And when we got to the airport, I boarded that plane when I knew I should have turned around and gone home.  And when we landed in Las Vegas I said “I do” even when I should have said “No.” 


  1. He sounds manipulative and opportunistic. Ditch him.

  2. ahhh, the dude I should keep away from my keep him

    actually you can do better

    evocative, Randy, I like it a lot.

  3. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.. unless you get married.

  4. I dig it... premonition ?


  5. I hope he was at least rich & almost dead...nothing wrong with a half decent sugar daddy.

  6. I'm glad you gave the disclaimer that you took a fiction angle, or else I was going to have to get Dr. Phil on your ass and tell you to ditch the creep (unless he's rich and almost dead, of course.)

  7. I had an affair in Vegas once. She didn't stay in Vegas. Now we share a bed. :)

    Not everything that happens in Vegas should stay there. I'm glad she didn't.

  8. Ah ... "If you get married in Las Vegas then you are only married IN Las Vegas." -Pheobe

  9. The last line is so powerful, my darling Randygirl.~ What I love about this is that typically a Vegas wedding is light and funny, and you put a different spin on it.

    Bravo, my sweet girl.~

  10. I hope this story continues!!!

  11. @Tony VH: If this was non fiction, this guy would have lasted all of about 20 minutes with me love, no worries!

    @Lance: Yes, definitely not the type of guy you want your lovely princesses around. Kick him in the balls and send him packing if he even looks their way.

    @Chuck: Sometime what happens in Vegas can show up outside of there when you least expect it. Trust me.

    @SD: A premonition.... for you and your lady friend! I want to be a bridesmaid, don't forget!

    @Primed & Abby: Rich and almost dead? Note to self... I will add those to my list. And no need to call Dr. Phil on me, I swear!

    @Mac: Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it

    @Lost: I hooked a Vegas hookup that actually lived 5 minutes from my Florida in office ironically enough. That didn't/doesn't stay in Vegas either. We enjoy each other's company several times a year. I call him my souvenir.

    @Rock Show: words of wisdom from the wisest!

    @sweet Kat: Thanks so much for your support and approval love! *Mwah*!

    @Jules: Hmm, a two-parter?? Maybe! What's next weeks prompt???

  12. That is amazing!! Wow. I actually gasped when I saw how you ended it.

  13. Yikes. Great story-one of my biggest nightmares but great story!


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