Friday, March 4, 2011

Water - Prompt from The Red Dress Club

This again is a departure from my regularly scheduled programming but I really liked this prompt from
The Red Dress Club and I like to pretend I'm deep sometimes. Hope you enjoy!
The exact prompt was to write something around this concept:
"Water gives life. Water takes it away."
Here's my take on it. 

That is what I remember the most about being there, surrounded by the liquid darkness that had swallowed me. 
The noise that was so deafening just moments ago was perfectly, blissfully silent now. 
I opened my eyes and could see almost as little as I could hear. 
I must be deeper than I thought to see so little. 

That is where I wanted to be. 
It was cold, freezing cold, but I was glad. 
It was the most alive I had felt in longer than I could remember. 

Suspended somewhere between the surface and the bottom, but really nowhere. 
Nothing pushing down on me or pulling me in a direction I didn't want to go.
I was simply where I was. 
I didn't want to surface again. I didn't want the noise and the heat and the blinding light to attack me again. 

So I stayed


  1. I don't know if I'm saddened by the result, or just thirsty. Either way, fantastic writing!

  2. Amazingly simple but extremely powerful with the description. Really loved it!

    Visiting from RDC

  3. this is beautiful. For me it reminds me very much of when I was in the depths of my depression-not sure if that was your goal...but that's what I got from it.

  4. This is the type of writing that a reader can find themselves getting lost in; it speaks differently to each one.

    Love it!

  5. How sad. In a beautiful way.

    Yes, I'm leaving a totally lame comment. I don't know what else to say.

  6. @Lost: thanks for the read. I appreciate you sticking in there for the not-so-normal RG stuff.

    @Kat: Thanks sweets! *mwah*

    @Carrie: Thanks for the compliment and for visiting Random Girl. Hope you stick around! I'm usually much more upbeat, promise!

    @Jewels: Thanks hon! Glad you liked it. It really is whatever you want it to be. I think we have all had that feeling at one point or another.

    @Primed: Thanks so much for visiting Random Girl and for the great comment. Glad you enjoyed it.

    @Shell: It's not a lame comment, I appreciate the feedback! Thanks for the follow!

  7. Yes. I too can relate to the serenity, the safety of the dark depths. Beautiful.

  8. I love the "all things to all people" concept. Excellent work.

  9. The last two lines brought it together.

    "so I stayed"

    that resonated. Excellent work Random Tall Girl.

  10. Beautiful interpretation. I love not only the words you chose to describe the moment, but they way you laid it out visually. Very poignant.

  11. Holy shit! This freaked me the eff out! I'm terrified of drowning. Possibly my biggest fear. But all that means is that what you wrote was really good because it was so visual and pulled that reaction out of me. Incredible!

  12. Again, your creative lobe is a very nice compliment to that of your pull my hair lobe. I like em' both. Ziiing.

  13. @Mad: Thanks for comment. Yes, silence is so seldom found, deep underwater is one of the few places I have found it.

    @Aimee: I tried to make something universal yet personal. Glad it translated. Thanks for the feedback!

    @Lance: thanks for the approval, glad you aren't hatin' on it! That must just be for twitter huh?

    @Ami: I liked the visual that it ended up creating as well. Hadn't really intended for that but it was a nice surprise when it was done. Thanks for the the positive feedback!

    @Hannah: Sorry to terrify you darling, not my intention. I agree though, drowning is one of my biggest fears and I almost did when I was a little kid. Burning in a fire is my next one. If they prompt that I am in trouble. Thanks for the great feedback!

    @ib: Thanks ib for appreciating the complexity that is Random Girl. Glad you are hanging in for both types of posts. I appreciate it!

  14. You put so much into such a short post! It was so effortless and poetic. Much like water. ;)

    Visiting from TRDC.

  15. @mandyland: thanks for comment and for checking out Random Girl. Had fun posting at TRDC this week, first time doing so but I'll be back

  16. I hate you!...Its post like this that make me feel so shallow and inadequate..congratulations I guess?!

  17. @Simon: you are far from shallow or inadequate. Chin up cupcake! this was a total fluke for me. Come on, you have read my other stuff...

  18. Wow.
    I envy your ability to do so much without having to use a lot of words. This is powerful and it drew me right in,it's a snapshot of a moment but it had a lot of meaning- loved it.

  19. @Lydia: Wow, thanks for the amazingly positive feedback. And for visiting Random Girl. Hope you will stop back!


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