Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet Serendipity - Studio Thirty Plus Prompt

This post in my response to this week's Studio Thirty Plus prompt: Serendipity
This one really gave me fits for some reason. It is an easy concept but was hard for me to articulate for some reason. I decided to give it a go...
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Sweet Serendipity

It was sweet serendipity that brought me here.  There really is no other way to describe it. There was no planning, no intention, no effort, no thought. It simply just happened. In the blink of an eye he was there standing in front of me.

I had known him several years ago but it may as well have been a lifetime ago. I had fallen for another man.  He had simply not been good enough for me. I wanted someone better, someone that was more than what I thought he could be.  He confessed his love to me, and I broke his heart. And that was the last time we spoke.  

I had thought of him several times over the years. How kind he had been to me. How I knew that even after all of the hurt I had caused him that he would drop everything to help me if I needed him.  And I had needed him so often in those years since we spoke last. Every time my Mr. Wonderful turned and hit me. Every time I was left on the floor, crying and wondering what I did to deserve to be treated so badly by someone I loved.

It was in those times that I thought of him because I felt like it was karma coming back around to me. I was being treated as harshly physically now as I had treated his feelings then. If I had loved him back would it be different? He would never hurt me, never think of raising a hand to me. He would have done nothing but love me but that wasn’t enough for me then.  

This time had been worse than before.  This time he was not going to stop until he killed me.  There was no explanation for his rage, but that didn’t matter. He was angry and for some reason it was my fault. And he would make sure that I paid for it. 

I don’t remember when it stopped or how.  I don’t know how I survived but I did. I opened my swollen eyes and saw the answer standing in front of me.  There, sitting quietly beside me in a hard plastic chair, was my answer. He had come for me. After everything, all of the hurt I caused him, he would make sure that I was never hurt again. His love would be my shield.  He was my sweet serendipity. 


  1. I'm having trouble with this one, too. Shocking because I never bitch about not knowing what to write. ;-)


    I don't know what your first version was, but this is touching, darling.~

  2. you worked it marriage is like your story. I was married to someone horrible, had agreat kid with her, but those events led me to who I am with now. without the Hell you don;t find the Heaven...lame phrase but still..

    good job

  3. Way to knock it out of the park on your second attempt and in such little time that I'm forced to choke on my anger becaues this prompt is stumping me. Wonderful, sweet. You should be very proud of this one.

  4. Good post.

    Irony and Karma sometimes come together.

  5. great post. I'm glad you managed to find your way out of such a negative and dangerous relationship

    Visiting from Studio 30

  6. Thanks for the positive comments. I should clarify that this is part non fiction part fiction. The guy who loved that I broke his heart and wanted something more is real life. The abusive part is what I fear I will get now because of karma catching up to me. If it did happen, I know, that he would still be my shield. I know, I am an idiot for letting that go.


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