Friday, March 18, 2011

Soft-Core Friday - Oops...I did it again

In the immortal words one Ms. Britney Spears, Oops.. I did it again.

I was trying to ween myself off of Fireman (you all remember him right?) but alas, I have failed miserably.  I am like a crack addict when it comes to that boy. I call him a boy because I am 8 years older, soon to be technically 9 years older, than he is. Really. That is ridiculous. But it appears that I have spoiled him to the point that now he won't go away, which is OK because he has spoiled me right back if you know what I mean.

So why is this such an "Oops" situation? Because now Fireman has gone and gotten himself a girlfriend. This in and of itself is not a problem as our intention was clearly never to have a relationship beyond the bedroom (or stairs, or bathroom, or garage, or... well you get the picture) but here is where the problem lies. She is staying with him quite often. And he stills comes to see me. Like sneaks out while she is asleep. Or tells her he is sick so she leaves and then comes over.  It really is none of my business. But it kind of is right? And yet, I am OK with it, encouraging it actually. All I have to do is say the word, and he is on his way. Really.

So here is how I see this going. He will either A) feel guilty and eventually tell her or B) Get busted straight up by his girl. Either way what does that mean for me? A complete pain-in-the-ass situation? Yes, I believe it will. I should pull the plug right? I should tell him to quit being a punk and either man up or ditch his girl. But I won't. Because the sex is good and that's all I want him for. I didn't ask to become the "other woman", he created the situation so he can deal with the fall out right? I was there first.  All I can say is....BOYS!

In honor of my boy and his drama and my on-going bad decision, today's "Soft-Core Friday" video is Ms. Britneys' "BOYS"  because they are nothing but trouble for this girl!


  1. As much as I detest being *shudders* mature and giving responsible advice about things that should just be fun, I wouldn't be any kind of friend if I gave you the "easy" solution, my darling RandyGirl.

    I'll be blunt and admit that I think that Fireman is being an asshole. He apparently wants a relationship (God knows why) or he would not have got a got himself a girlfriend because his sexual needs were already being satisfied. Even though you are enjoying the sex as well, I don't like that he's having his cake and *ahem* eating it, too. ;-P He's basically using both of you ladies and I do not like that.

    Now Mean Kat would fuck with him. If he's willing to drop everything to get jiggy with me, then I would torture the hell out of him and call him all the time until his GF has to KNOW that something is up. I'd get to be having a lot of brilliant sex, and then he would get his ass kicked by his girl.

    However, I would feel bad for the girl, and Fireman would also be getting a lot of brilliant sex that he sure as fuck doesn't deserve, so I wouldn't do that. Most importantly thuogh, I know that you are not a mean person, my darling, so I don't suggest going that route for that reason either.

    As much as it pains me to give this advie, I would tell Fireman that he is being immature and selfish. If he wants a relationship then he should commit to it. He can't have both fun sex AND a relationship unless he finds one person who can be BOTH to him because it's not fair to have two women to fulfill this.

    I would tell him to go to hell because even if the sex is incredible, I wouldn't end up enjoying it if I had no respect for the asshole.

    I support whatever you decide though, love.

  2. @Kat: Sweet Kat, you always have my best interest at heart and I so love you for that darling! I am having a battle of logic vs. lust right now and we both know who is usually going to win that fight. You are completely right about the two ways that it could be dealt with. High maintenance torturing or grown up shut down. There is only one problem with the last one.. you know what that is. I have a high potential new boy this weekend so perhaps a replacement may be my best option. I'm pondering your words love.... thanks so much for your brilliant advice!

  3. No. Don't pull the plug, enjoy each other for every second you have. He was with you first anyway and is obviously not being swayed into monogamy with this girl. Besides, dudeman runs into burning buildings for a living, I'd say he earned a play mate like yourself. I know this probably doesn't help, but I am somewhat of a hedonist...

  4. @Aaron: Yahoo! Someone encouraging continued bad behavior! I can justify almost anything when it comes to enjoying myself but having someone give me encouragement for continued bad decisions, thank you sir!

  5. Do what makes you happy, until it doesn't make you happy anymore.

    That is all.

  6. Such fun. I did (oops, scratch that) been with a fireman... Oooh, he was HOT! And I've been the "other woman" a few times, every time was a time too many if you know what I mean. IF you can play this game and not let your heart get attached (which I've never managed) then play away. You know the rules of the game, just don't get burned by the fires he the firefighter can't control.

    Although I agree with Kat, her argument DOES make sense, it seems like you're totally benefiting from this. If and when this dude ever gets a girlfriend he'll be really serious about - you'll be the first to know because whatever it is you've got will (should) come to an end. You know what I mean? I guy in love doesn't find himself squeezed in another woman's legs.

    In the meantime - ENJOY! He's 9 yrs younger? Aaahhh, I remember those days. Sigh.

    Looks to me like he's not the only one eating cake. Cover the guy in chocolate sauce and lick away darling!

  7. Wow, it's like reading my own story. Except not. lol I was in a similar situation. He was/is my drug. I cannot say no to this boy. And I say "boy" because I'm 11 years older than him. He's hot, yummy, a fabulous kisser and knows what he's doing in the bedroom! But unlike you, I fell for this guy and I fell hard. Throughout our 6 year "relationship" of the no strings, no questions kind, we kept it what it was, strictly physical. But I broke the deal, I fell in love. Instead of pushing him away, I kept it going. Finally, last August, he stopped everything. He too, met someone. I swear, I'm glad he did it because I was/am not strong enough to have pulled it off. So my only advice? Go ahead and play, but DO NOT fall for this guy. And yeah, he's an asshole because he has a girlfriend but still wants you on the sly. Mine had the same gf for 4 years. She had not a clue about me. I felt bad sometimes, but I got over it. OMG, that makes me sound like a horrible person doesn't it? I'm glad I found your blog!

  8. Guy sounds like a douche.

    I mean I'm all for casual sex. Who isn't? But this guy is doing something terrible to the other woman in this story. I'm not saying stop doing what your doing if you enjoy it. I'm just saying the guy sounds like a jackass.

  9. My honest opinion is that if he wanted to be in a relationship, he should stop sleeping around. I don't see where you are wrong here...

    Anyway, I love Britney Spears, and I may be straigh(ish) but i'd totally do her...

    AmberLaShell Rants
    AmberLaShell's Naughty Nights

  10. @OT: not surprised that you agree I should carry on, excellent!

    @Rebeccca: Short and sweet, and good idea!

    @Nikki:Girl you are killin' me! Cover him in chocolate sauce and lick away... one of the few things we haven't done. I will put it on the list!

    @Yvonne: I'm glad and sorry at the same time that you can relate. It's good but bad all mixed into one. I am not worried about falling for him, I am excellent at detachment and he has nothing I want besides what I am already getting from him. Sounds cold I know, but it is what it is. Thanks for the great comment!

    @Hero: I see where you would think that he is a douche, and maybe he is. I really have not context of who he is when he is not with me and we are not doing what we do. I have chosen to not get involved in any other aspect of his life because I really don't care. I don't feel that what he is doing to the GF is right but I'm not her and I am not making that decision for him. If it wasn't with me it would probably be someone else and that would be shame. I know, I am kind of F'd in my thinking.

    @Amber: See, right? Obviously something is lacking with the GF, I think she just pales in comparison to me in certain areas. He said she is a boring fuck. Right, I know.. not something a nice guy says but again, not my problem.
    I love Britney too, especially recently. I too would totally do her. And I am beyond straight. Some chicks are just sexy enough to try it.

  11. When the fuck did I become the responsible and mature voice in the crowd? Seriously what the FUCK?! I should have told you to ride Fireman like a fucking horse instead of that psycho-babble I spewed up there. I sound like, good God, I sound like a mother.

    Oh fuck me. I know why I said all of that shit. Because I *shutters* care. I've no idea how that could be since there's merely a black hole containing some slivers of ice where my heart should be.

    Now look what you've done, Randy my darling.

    Yup, totally blaming you for making me act like this touchy-feeling, Koombya, Celestial Season tea drinking FEMALE. (What the fuck?! I never think like a female!!)


    I'm going to go play with my nunchucks, shoot Tequila and do a lot of cursing now...

  12. Oh Sweet Kat, don't feel like this a step backwards, I love that you love me enough to give me good advise. Truly! You can still play with nunchucks, shoot tequila and curse a lot if you want to, but don't do it out of spite of your goodness darling! You get the biggest Randy kiss of all, Love! *MWAH*

  13. It's true he is being an asshole - but not to you. And at the end of the day, what is happening to you (didn't mean that dirty.. unless you really, really want it to be) is all that matters.

    As long as you're staying emotionally detached then all is good in your world. But at some point if he has even a shred of decency his feelings for her will start to interfere and he'll ween himself off of the "older chick".

    BTW.. older chicks are fun, but the older I get the older they get, so at some point in time they'll lose their appeal to me I guess!

    The Simple Dude

  14. I have no leg to stand on in this debate! haha. I think we all know I have been the other woman and my fireman has a girl, too. I can't give him up either--so I can't tell you to! They are damned addicting. My thing is this-I didn't enter into a commited relationship and I'm not cheating. It's cold and it's mean...but true. I am not the one stepping out-they are! They have to deal with the fallout.

    If things go south with his girl it still doesn't mean he turns to you for a relationship-that's not what you guys have. Relationships like that are low risk for you (me) and yield high results...I fail to see how that is a bad thing.

    Except that morally I know it is and I'd be hurt if my guy did that...and pissed at the chick too...luckily that's never happened to me but karma is a bitch and I fully expect a slap in the face at some point. Good luck, sweets.

  15. Boys... it's an odd situation to get into. Because you were there first. Most guys do it the other way around.

    I have a feeling that if you told him that he was cut off until he straightened things out with this girl, he'd dump her and you'd get guilt free sex back again. Clearly she means nothing to him or he wouldn't have started this and still maintained a sexual relationship with you.

  16. @SD: I think you did mean it dirty. I know you well enough to assume that right? And he is being an asshole to her. But more attentive to me than ever so who the F knows what is going on. As for your older women thing, we don't get older baby, just better!

    @Jewels: I knew you would get this, love. Confusing huh? Not super proud to be in the mix at this point but feel slightly entitled none the less.

    @Lex: These are the types of things that happen to me... really. I am not about giving ultimatums, especially in a situation where I really do care so little about the residual situations in the mix. I don't care if he has a gf and I certainly don't want to be his gf so that is why I am not making a big deal about it. I agree she must not mean much to him or he would have already ended our hook ups. Which he clearly hasn't and doesn't intend to from all indications. I think ignorance is bliss in the case so I am going to try to know as little as possible that doesn't directly concern me and call it a day. Thanks for the comment!


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