Friday, March 25, 2011

Soft-Core Friday - My Two Favorite Things

Sorry kids, this will be a short "Soft-Core Friday" post as I am getting ready to jet off for a fun-filled weekend in Dallas. The birthday party continues for Random Girl!

This video is the winner for today's "Soft-Core Friday" because it combines my two favorite concepts: Fireman and Lil' Wayne. The Fireman part is easy enough to figure out based on my previous posts featuring my own Fireman adventures.

The Lil' Wayne part will probably be harder for some of you to get. Hell, I don't even get it but I have mad love for all things about this man. I know, it makes no sense but it is what it is. And April 12th I will be front row to see him in all of his gansta' glory. I.Can't.Wait! Consider this the pregame.  So I guess maybe I'm the only one that will really appreciate this version of Soft Core but it is still my birthday week so I am giving this to myself as a present. Yum!

And for those of you that my not be a fan of Lil' Wayne (gasp!) I am putting in a little extra hot Firemen only montage for you to enjoy. You can thank me later ladies! Plus it's set to Kings of Leon "This Sex is On Fire" which is sexy on a whole different level.


  1. Neither a fan of Lil Wayne, not a fan of Firemen because I ain't a lady. Although I over use smiley faces, whine, PMS and love to gossip like the best of your kind, I'm still a dude. (Last time I checked this was the case)


  2. Well Good Morning!!! That Fireman slideshow video sure woke me the hell up :)

    Wonder where I can get a job just oiling them up and getting them wet for photos???

    Have a very fun weekend in Dallas...Dont think I said Happy Birthday yet so happy freaking birthday girl!

  3. Love the fireman video! They are so hot!! :) And happy birthday, girl! :)

  4. I know of neither Li'l Wayne or Fireman, but then I am English and old.

  5. @OT: sorry love, I went the selfish route on this one. It was all about me. Next week, I will provide something extra special for the boys ok?

    @Porkstar: I know I know, they can't all be about threesomes ya know?

    @Brandi: Thanks girlie! I thought you might enjoy this. This week is all for the ladies. Glad you enjoyed. If you figure out how to get that gig with the firemen, let me know ok?

    @shutterbug: Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the bday wishes!

    @Tony: Sorry Tony, I'll try to give you something a little more your speed next time.

  6. Well, Kat is certainly not complaining, love.~

    Enjoy your hedonistic weekend in Texas. Everything is supposed to be bigger there you know. ;-)

    Which reminds me, WHEN are you coming to Philly, darling?

  7. Holy Hell Randy! That Fireman video was freaking HOT. Thanks for that. *sigh* so lovely!!

  8. I haven't heard this Lil' Wayne song before, but I love "Lollipop" and "Shooter."

    Hells yeah to the firefighter video! *swoons* I want one of my own! Thanks for sharing. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  9. @Kat: Soon love, soon! Philly better get ready

    @Jewels: I thought you might find the firemen video enjoyable...I know how you like your firemen

    @Bella: I am a fan of all things Lil Wayne but Lollipop is my fave and that was almost my pic but I had the fireman thing on the brain.


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