Friday, March 4, 2011

"Soft-core Friday" - Keep it Classy

It is with a bit of sadness that I notice that this Friday is relatively light on porn-related posts with my blogger friends. Granted, it is early still so that could change at any point.

This is week 4 of my "Soft-core Friday" initiative. Hope you all are enjoying.

For this week, I am going to include a link to a site that features some amazingly hot photos. Not porn, but classy and hot as hell still pics by professional photographers. I ran across this while looking for a pic to represent my "Shut Up and Pull My Hair post". You kids remember that one don't you?

Anyways, there is some nudity here so be smart and consider yourself warned. I have included a sample to let you know what type of art I am talking about. Sensual but very classy.
All photo credits can be found on site link below. Give them the credit they deserve. I was just lucky enough to stumble across it.


  1. Now that's the way to get the weekend going!


  2. If I wasn't surrounded by kids I'd definately be checking that out! I'll be sure to come back and check out that link after they are in bed. ;)

  3. Speak for yourself. I posted a wee bit of naughty stuff today. :P

  4. @SD: That's what I'm saying! Bring. It. On.

    @Jewels: Yes princess, definitely when you get a moment of alone time, it's a must click. Very sexy stuff on there.

    @Hero: Why yes sir, you did indeed get a little naughty today on your post. I like it... a lot! Glad you joined in the spirit of Soft-core Friday! Shall we do it together weekly?? Hmm,

  5. I'm not sure what I approve of more, Soft-Core Friday, or Half-Nekkid Thursday (HNT for short). Both are fantastic.

  6. I'm aworking on mine, my darling. I'm gonna try and get it up before midnight, but I discovered this South Park cartoon maker thing, and got it in my head that I wanted to use that. Needless to say, it's taking a long time, and being a stubborn pain-in-the-ass I'm not giving up on it. =P

    This sin of it? It's not going to be all that spectacular. >_< Definitely not worth the time, but now it's become a personal challenge to get the thing to work.

    I'll be up late anyway, so hopefully soon, my darling girl.~

  7. Katsidhe said...
    "I'm aworking on mine, my darling. I'm gonna try and get it up before midnight..."

    If you need any help with that..... HAHAHAHA This stuff writes itself!

    Annnnnd big hugs for Randy. Just in case she thought I was ignoring her. (She's kinda needy)

  8. Love the pic! Steamy. Thanks for sharing the link. You know I'll be checking it out! ;)

  9. I will have to check it out when I get out of this windowless prison called work. I don't think that they would take kindly to any racey fodder. NSFW

  10. @Lost: Yes I agree, it's a toss up between the two. Although half-nekkid Thursday was a total fluke whereas Soft-core Friday is a regular thing for me. I would go with the sure thing...that's what she said! hahahha I crack myself up!

    @sweet Kat: I'm sure that you whatever you come up with from my challenge post to you will be spectacular just like you love! Can't wait to see what the hell you pull together. I know how you are when you are on a mission! Must.Keep.Going!

    @ET: Good thing, I was about to break up with you and you don't want that. Trust me! Total loss of all benefits. Sad face.

    @Hannah: I know you will be rushing right over to take in the gloriousness of said soft-core. There really are some beautiful, yet hot, pics on there. I loved it. Big surprise.

    @ib: Oh sweety, hope you get released soon love. You will really like these pics, I just know it. It's a hunch...

  11. I made it just under the wire for Soft-Core Friday! I hope you enjoy my goofy-ass creation, sweetie, and thank you for the prompt. I had a lot of fun with it.~ *mwah!*

    And E.T, you are just so FUNNY. >:)

  12. @sweet Kat: Stayed up late to see it and so f'ing glad I did. Loved it. Beyond loved it. It was genius and epic and I can't say enough about the custom cartoon depiction of events. Brilliant! *mwah*!

  13. Cool idea for a post...stylish

  14. @G: thanks for checking out Random Girl, hope you stick around!

  15. hot stuff, is any of it downloadable to an iphone? ;-)

  16. @Simon: that I don't know love, I just like to look, sigh, then click out... let me know what you find out about downloading.mmmmmmmmk?


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