Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Must Read - The Dude Society

Happy Saturday! Most of you know by now that I have recently become a contributor at the online mens magazine The Dude Society.

I cannot say enough good things about this magazine. It is well written (by all contributors, not just me of course) and provides practical information and great advice that every guy can relate to and use. For the ladies, it is a great conversation starter with your man and articles like today's  Manscaping Downtown post are informational and hilarious. 

If you haven't already, please take a minute to check it out. And if you feel like reading either of my articles and showing me a little comment love the editor knows how legit I am, that would be great too! 
Here's a preview of today's articles

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  1. I'm a proud manscaper. Gotta keep things trim. I don't want your hair in my teeth, so I think a little common coutresy goes a long way.

    And trim=/=shaved. I think that's a bit too much.

  2. i'm not comfortable posting my comment on manscaping on his site. So I will let you have the honor. just change my name or something if you post it there. for some reason i trust you.

    I had never really done anything significant to my "personal area" otehr than the occasional trimming until I met my wife three years ago. She's a big fan of shaving everything a couple of times a year and then letting ti grow back to a certain level. She converted me to this philosophy.

    1) we have each other. what this leads too is obvious. It also lets your significant other in on year body from another angle than missionary or her on top.

    2) shaving cream is fine to use, but use sensitive skin of even her (lady) products. It prevents razor burn, makes the growing back process a lot less high maintenance, and feels better.

    3) you get more oral out of just do

  3. @Lost: Good to know. I am not being sarcastic either. I think it is common courtesy and should be mandatory if you expect your lady friend to be giving you any... attention. Well done!

    @Lance: I respect that trust and won't break it. I will only post on "behalf of an anonymous reply" if you give me your blessing. You can post on there as anonymous as well but I am happy to do it for you. I need all the post love I can get at DS right now so they know how wonderful I am! lol
    You bring up all the best reasons to put in the effort. Sounds like you and your lady friend have it all figured out. I Like your system! You each get what you want out of the deal. Fantastic!

  4. I know this is about dudes, but I was actually thinking of doing a post on chicks and shaving, but now I feel like I'd be copying you LOL. I've gone brazilian since I saw my very first hair. Not a sexy thing, I just hate pubes. Mine, at least. My husband has ALWAYS had a buzz cut. Just a little. Probably every 2 weeks. Boy ain't got no shame about it, either.

  5. @deus: I totally think you should do your post on it from the female side. Totally different thing all together plus I didn't write this one for The Dude Society, I'm just pimpin' it for them! You should put your comment there as well and show the author Jamie some love! He would get a kick out of it.

  6. I voted on the manscaping and have been checking out the magazine's pretty awesome. I am pro manscaping. I don't need a clean shave if he doesn't want to but trimming is a must!

    If I'm taking care of my area I want him to take care of his.

  7. I keep them trimmed and short otherwise it looks as though I've got a '70s afro down my keks.

  8. I got hooked by the 'Would your phone get you busted?'....yep! got to check that one out


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