Wednesday, March 30, 2011

RED - Studio30 Plus Prompt

Just to keep you all guessing a little, I am going to take yet another departure from the regularly scheduled Random Girl programming and throw a new Studio30 Plus prompt your way. This weeks prompt: Red

If you aren't already hanging out at S30P, get over there and sign up. So much great talent in one place!

Here is my take on it


The sun was red that evening
Not orange, but blazing red
It burned through the haze
Struggling to stay in the sky
Like me
Fighting the inevitable night that would come
Barely over the horizon now
I watched it in my rearview mirror
Driving down the long stretch of black highway
Away from the day
Into the darkness
It was cold and demanding, like you
Not waiting patiently
But taking by force
Again he would have his way
The last blaze of red retreating
Hiding behind the soft curve of the earth
It didn’t want to be a witness to what was to come
That left the darkness
That left him
And that left me with him
I wanted the sun to stay and fight for me
Fend off the approaching night, show its strength
But it was not within either of our control
Do as you’re told
There is no point in protesting
The decision is made
Made for me
Like the fierce red flame
Silenced by a movement
Enveloped in the darkness
You are over me
You control me
The darkness has taken both of us


  1. Are you kidding me!? You tell me that you have been lazy and not written this yet and less than an hour later produce this!? I would hate you with a passion if I didn't love you with one! It's amazing!

  2. @Jewels: It is as much a surprise to me as it is to you darling, trust me. Just looking through pics on my phone and had snapped a random red sunset pic a few weeks ago and boom... there was my post. There is no rhyme or reason to my train of thought,,, you know that by now! But, I love you with a passion as well so I will dismiss the hating! *Mwah!*

  3. Could never hate you sweets-I'm just jealous of how quickly you rocked an amazing poem! Loved it.

  4. Wow, the last three lines were the showstopper. Terrific work Randy.

  5. Wow that's pretty nicely written. I was waiting for smut so i had to read it a second time. I'll definitely sign up. : )

  6. @Jewels: I know love, all in good fun. Thanks for the comment(s)

    @Lance: glad you liked it sir. Your opinion means a lot to me. Thanks for checking it out

    @Porkstar: sorry to disappoint you with the lack of smut darling. I can't be so one dimensional all the time, you kids would get bored with me. No worries, it will be back soon. Thanks for reading it through!

  7. lol i was kidding of course : )

  8. This was terrific! Great imagery!

  9. You have such a way with poetry, love. I have to echo Jewel--though she has no room to talk with the amazing piece that SHE banged out!--I would be jealous of how quickly you produce such beautiful pieces if I didn't adore you.~ ;-)

  10. She said "banged". Har, Har.

    Uh, back to your post. Just pulled out a photo and wrote this up, huh? Okay, I do believe that I will just quit blogging and writing all together. There is no hope for the rest of us.

  11. Wow, this is amazing! Very powerful poetry. You have such an amazing way with words!

  12. @OT: Thanks for the comment love!

    @Yvonne: Glad you liked it girlie!

    @sweet Kat: Glad you enjoyed it love. Big Randy kisses to you *mwah*! And as for Jewels piece? It was greatness I agree

    @ib: yes, she said banged... I giggled. And don't be grouchy, I have been pondering this RED prompt since it was posted at S30P and had absolutely nothing for like 5 solid days. It was a fluke!

    @Mommy: *Fist bump back to you*

    @lex: Thanks so much for the kind words love!


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