Thursday, March 3, 2011

Readers Choice - You pick the topic, I'll write the post

Wow, two days in a row of absolutely no inspiration whatsoever. This may be a record for me. I don't like it.
Yesterday sweet Kat bailed me out, kicked my ass, and gave a great topic to post on.
Today kids, it's your turn!
Give me a topic that you would like Random Girl's take on, and I will give you your happy ending.
I'm talking about a post you pervs, get your minds out of the gutter!
This is what I like to call a win/win.
If you have read any part of my blog ever, you know better than to ask me something smartass like how nuclear fusion works or who won the 1994 World Cup. Anything else is pretty ok.
Impress me kids! I'm waiting....


  1. Oh my, how RANDOM! Let's go with (hee hee) sharing your most embarrassing sexual encounter. Pussy farts, accidental bites, poking the wrong body part, stuff that either made you blush madly or giggle so hard. Make us do what you totally can do and have us leaving with smiles!

    惄 my cyber house rules dot com

  2. Brazil won the 1994 World Cup.

    I'd vote for most embarrassing "intimate" experience.

  3. I'm having this trouble myself. I like most embarrassing encounter. Or maybe strangest locations for sex. Or the most fun locations for sex.

    Or you could go really random and write about shoes or something. I'm just kidding! ;)

  4. I'd like to read the smut you've been teasing us about, darlin'.~ ;-) If these are suggestions for today, that's a bit of a tall order if you haven't finished it yet, so let's see what else I can think of...

    I'm going to venture that everyone is going to jump on Nikki's lovely suggestion, so I'll just throw anything out there...umm...okay, why are lacy things so much fun to wear and what's your favorite one?

    Or maybe a one word prompt thing? Gumdrops. Yeah, I'll go with that for a prompt for my sweet girl. ;-)

    Oh yes, and whenever you want to give me a prompt back, fire away, love.~

  5. Damn, I was really looking forward to your take on nuclear fusion and the pro's and con's associated with it. I guess I'll just have to move on. I guess sex is the next best topic. Proceed.

  6. How about a best first screw with a new guy and a worst first screw with a new guy. First time shagging with a new man can go either way, but it can make for an interesting story. And I'm positive you will tell it well. Tell it good? Whatever. Cheers, lady!

  7. Clitoral orgasms versus G-spot orgasms. Go!

  8. I vote for... your favorite type of snack food, and why you would cry like a whiny little bitch if you couldn't have it anymore. Mine are pretzels. Crunchy, salty, yummy. If anyone ever tried to deny me my pretzels, I'd rip off an earlobe. :D

  9. I should have known better than to open it up to you kids, everything from snack food to pussy farts (Queef is the technical term, thanks Kat!) Oh how will I ever decide?? I think I shall make this a series of posts and try to cover all pertinent topics requested. Gumdrops might be a stretch though...
    Stay Tuned!
    Oh and late entries are still being accepted so tell your friends they still have time to throw something at me, figuratively speaking...*mwah*!

  10. I say how about a time when somebody surprised you in know...relatively tame outside of the bedroom and beast inside of it.


    if you had to pick one day of your life to relive--which day would it be? oooohhhh...i like that one!


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