Monday, March 7, 2011

Random Takes Requests - Lacy Things

In an effort to cover the requested topics that you kids gave me when I asked for post suggestions last week, today I will be taking on one of the topics posed to me by my sweet Kat. (I love that girl in case you can't tell, she is a rockstar badass. Seriously.) 

Here was what her inquiring mind wanted a Random Girl take on: why are lacy things so much fun to wear and what's your favorite one?

I think this question can be best answered with a photo. It may look familiar to you from my "His Night" post that I did recently. It should, it is the same one. What I didn't disclose in that post, was that this is a pic of me in my latest addition to my Lacy Things collection. It is now my new favorite. 

It's OK, take a minute, enjoy the view 

I think the first part of Kat's question is more complex than one might assume: Why are lacy things so much fun to wear? There is more than one right answer to this

#1: Selection
For starters, taking the time to carefully choose the perfect Lacy Thing for the occasion gets you mentally prepared for what is to come. Thinking of what he will think at that first look, the order it will come off in, how it will look tossed on the floor afterwards, that all comes into play for me. It helps to get my mind off of all the other distractions in my life and focused solely on that one thing. 

#2: Preparation
Secondly, the process of putting on the Lacy Thing(s), although sometimes complicated with all the hooks and ties and zippers (depending on what Lacy Thing is chosen) , reinforces the care that is being taken to ensure that the proper tone and mindset is achieved. It is as much for me as it is for him. I personally enjoy this process of getting ready.  Taking great care to present in just the right away, to portray the character I'm choosing to play for him, to be what he never thought he could have, to be something unexpected. 

#3: Execution
Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Lacy Things are sexy as hell. Admit it. Ladies, you can't not feel like a sex goddess when you are wearing a tight corset that makes your already beautiful shape (every woman starts beautiful whether she acknowledges it or not) a perfect alluring hourglass. Thigh high stockings topped with lace held by satin garters, and heels that let him know that you mean business. 

And guys, be honest. It's no secret that the majority you are highly visual creatures. What could be better than opening the door and seeing your lady standing there like that? Waiting for you to come undo everything she just took such great care to prepare for your enjoyment. Does it get any better than Lacy Things? I think not. 

Ladies, what Lacy Things make you feel your absolute sexiest? Guys, what is your favorite Lacy Thing that your lady rocks that turns you on the most? Let me know kids! 

Thanks Kat for the great idea for this post. I had fun really thinking through the dynamics of this seemingly simple, yet still complex topic. Hope I cleared it up for you, not that you don't rock your own collection of sexy Lacy Things, I've seen your corset pic, love... 


  1. I first thought that these were pointless, they only get in the way of the ultimate goal.

    When I stopped thinking like a dude and started thinking like a romantic, I appreciated them more. It's all a part of the game. The foreplay, the afterplay, it's all important. Now I'm a huge fan. :D

    Great post!

  2. You're going to make the interwebz crash with your hotness, my darling.~ Beautiful choice of Lacy Thing, and the chickie wearing is beyond sexy. ;-)

    Love ya back, sweetie, and wonderful post.~ It's all so very true. Lingerie really is like wrapping a present, n'est pas?

  3. Let me add an important point. The piece must be functional. My wife brought home something last week that was open, flowing, and thus functional at the bottom so she could wear during the, well, you know, time....

    that makes me more fun, seeing it on her when's she's well, you know...on you...I suck at writing this stuff.

  4. (takes a minute to pick chin off of the floor) YUM.

    The wearer of said garments makes the difference. Some girls can make anything look great. It's more about if it's well fitted, and that they're comfortable wearing it. I'm all for a beautiful woman wearing something that makes HER feel great. There was a girl I used to know who made a white v-neck t-shirt and blue jeans look specatcular! Lingerie is, at least for me, icing on the cake.

    Incidentally, the element of surprise is greatly underestimated.... Showing up in the bedroom bin a little special sumthin' is a winner every time.

    Randy, thanks for the visual. Pretty amazing, and I ain't talking about the outfit.

  5. The whole ritual of getting ready with The Lacy Things usually gets me so hot that I end up just getting it on with myself. But, I'm a pro (not that kind of pro!) and I can time it all just right so that the hubs comes in at just the right moment. Everyone wins. Sometimes twice.

    Excellent post, woman!!

  6. I think that something slinky, lacy or (my favorite) satiny makes the experience that much better.

    And as Lance said if it's something that can be left on during the act it's that much better!

    Oh and love the pic - any time you want to share more of those you know where to email me, er, find me.


  7. Okay, now this is starting to look alot like visual abuse. How am I supposed to get anything done when your throwing pictures of your .... .... ... ... .. .. phew. Where was I? Oh yes, I was at pictures of .... .... . . . I have to go. I, uh, yeah. talk to you later.

  8. I do like me some lacy things. And in regards to my post topic today, this is a great post.

  9. I used to manage a lingerie store, and my lucky boyfriend (at the time) got to see some of the hottest lingerie. For me it was putting it on, and planning when to show him. I loved giving him a little peek of lace or fishnet while we were out, it would get us both more excited when we got home.
    Also, the control. The right outfit can surrender a man motionless. I loved it.

  10. @Lost: I for the longest time thought they held little value but once I started going for the really sexy stuff as opposed to next best thing to pajama pants stuff, I realized I had to start a collection. It has served its purpose well.

    @sweet Kat: Oh darling, I doubt there is any fear of crashing the interwebz, this is mild compared to the other stuff I could have posted. Maybe for a later post, right love? I do love a beautifully wrapped present, giving and receiving!

    @Lance: Yeah for you for having a sexy vixen wife! You are a lucky man. I hope you told her so! And yes, function counts, although it is not the most important aspect in my opinion. Most Lacy Things have multiple components anyways, some of which can be left on, others hastily discarded when the time of both worlds!

    @ET: Well my my sir, you may almost have made me blush for a moment. Hope your chin is ok pumpkin. I agree that confidence is the kicker regardless of rocking jeans or Lacy Things. And the element of surprise can't be discounted. You get firing on all cylinders and that my friend, is a very good night.

    @Heather: I'm not sure who is luckier in that equation, you or the hubs? Perhaps it is a tie. Or tied up. Or.. never mind, I'm going to a different thought process now. Either way, Kudos to you for rocking your sexy and enjoying yourself.

    @SD: Satiny ey? Perhaps I'll do a "Satin Things" post next in your honor? That could be fun. I'll show you mine if you show me yours love... you know where to find me

    @ib: Visual abuse? I meant no such foul sir. As for how you are to get anything done, I would recommend X'ing off of any post of mine that you come across just to be safe. You know, the pictures can be distracting I hear... so sorry love!

  11. @OT: So glad that my post answered the call to umm... arms (boobs) that you posted today in your blog. Somethings are just meant to be I guess.

    @Lex: That would be my dream job I think, even just for the perks. Plus it would be fun to help the other hubs pick out delicious little Lacy Things for their lady friends. I like to see awkward guys in lingerie stores...I can't help it. I'm sure you man was very appreciative of your enthusiasm for the merchandise no doubt!

  12. I love the thought and preparation that women take. What sexy underwear is there for us blokes to wear though to excite you ladies?

  13. @Tony VH: Glad that you appreciate the amount of effort that a woman takes with Lacy Things, it took me like 20 mins to get the garters hooked up right on the thigh highs but alas, it was a small sacrifice to be made for the end result. As for man items, this is a tricky one. My ex-hubs, bless his heart, got a pair of red velvet/mesh combo hot pants for lack of a better term to try to return the favor. As much as I appreciated the sentiment, neither one of us could stop laughing long enough at the sight of him in them to even really get in the mood for business. It was a good laugh though and quite the visual to refer to. In my opinion, leave the Lacy Things business to the ladies.

  14. If you show me something satiny then I will indeed show you something... satiny. or something.


  15. Let's not get all crazy with talk of X'ing out stuff. It is too early in our blogship to start talking about X'ing. That would be, uh, premature.

  16. Personally, I am absolutely in love with corsets. The whole get-up, with the hose and the garter...yeah. I like feelin' like a supermodel. And I am SO GLAD someone else has trouble getting the stupid garters to snap. Because, you know, asking for help sort of extinguishes all the sexy...

  17. @SD: Well well, this is getting interesting now for sure.. shall we commence the swap?

    @ib: I meant X'ing in the most non-sexual way possible. Really, like X'ing, not F'ing, I fear I am doing more harm than good to you... I hate when things are premature...

    @Deus: Yes, the are awesome aren't they? A big pain in the ass to execute with any finesse but well worth the effort. I seriously was cussing and nearly in a sweat after getting the back of my thigh highs hooked in the garters most recently... it should not be that difficult! But the end result was damn sexy and much appreciated.

  18. It's too late to turn back now and besides, I know that you did not mean F'ing, I'm a pair of boat shoes away from being classified as a midget and I know how you like your dudes, young, tall and easy on the eyes. I am none of these things. Furthermore, there is not much to harm. I've been harming myself for years.

  19. @ib: well I'm glad that I'm not creating any new damage for you, I would feel slightly guilty about that if it were the case. And as for my "dudes", it's nice that someone has been paying attention finally!

  20. You are right RG, mens underwear provoke nothing but laughter. Even gimp suits are comical.

  21. I fully expect to be yelled at by you and Kat but I do not yet own a corset. I know-I know-sin of all sins! I also don't own is that even possible!?

    I do however own plenty of lacy and satiny treasures. I agree with you that the getting ready and surprising him is most of the fun. Well-not all but definately a good part. :)

    I agree with the guys-while they don't always make it to the act-I can't tell you how many I have lost to ripping and tearing in the rush to get them off-ones that can stay on for the act can be fun. There is something about rough hands on satin as he grips my hips as I sit astride him...mmm...delicious.

    My favorite piece would be a teal sheer lace tie in front babydoll teddy. It feels great on, can stay on for act, is sexy/flirty/fun. I wear it just for me around the house but it's a nice surprise for the lucky guy as well.

  22. @Randy-Oh I think you should definitely post other things later, love.~ ;-)

    @Jewels-We're going shopping, and getting you a corset, girlfriend.~

  23. @Tony VH: Glad you made the right decision friend!

    @Jewels: I am shocked! How do you, miss Sexy personified, not rock a corset from time to time?? Not that your other selections don't sound delightful, and fully effective with the men I'm sure! I think the teal sheer lace needs to see the light of day sooner rather than later!

    @Kat: You know me, I can't behave myself for too long so I am sure that won't be the last pic that makes it way onto Random Girl. And thank you for taking Jewels to get her corset situation handled. I want pics! *mwah*!


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