Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Girl Has Been Getting Busy - at The Dude Society

Are you sick of me yet? Probably. But too bad!
Random Girl has been a busy little bee lately, writing for this blog, Studio 30 Plus prompts, The Red Dress Club, and most recently The Dude Society.

I just wanted to take a moment to say a big "THANK YOU!" to you all for the overwhelming support and comment love you have shown me, both here and at The Dude Society.  I am still proving myself to the editor there so any comments, feedback, love you would like to throw my way on any of the articles I have published there to date are awesome!

Here is a review of everything that has been published thus far at The Dude Society. Next up to publish is "First Time Sex Etiquette". Should be up this week.  If you have any topics you would want me to cover that would be appropriate for a mens magazine, let me know and I will add it to my list.

Big Randy kisses to you all **MWAH**!!

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Lisa, aka Random Girl, is a mild-mannered professional by day, wickedly clever blogger/sex goddess/smartass by night. Lisa has very little internal filtering and is the voice behind Random Girl Blogs. She also makes fantastic chocolate chip cookies.


  1. You have been pretty busy writing stuff there.

  2. Totally off-topic and superficial, but I think the girl in the picture for "unleashing your inner porn star" has a flat butt. Just wanted to throw that out there. Carry on.

  3. @Deus: You are too funny! We(the editor and I) actually had that same conversation about her not being very bootylicious.. so I totally agree with you! Glad I am not the only one who thought so! But the pic is still pretty hot overall and shows that the guy really appreciates the "WIN" he gets out of the situation so I guess flat butt or not, it was the best pic. Thanks for the humorous feedback!

  4. I love that you make fantastic chocolate chip cookies, because I do too!! :) Oh, and I obviously completely dig the column.

  5. @Fishers: yes,my cookies are epic. And turn out perfect every time. It is a gift. And thanks for the love hon! Make sure you leave a comment or two over at The Dude Society if you get a chance!

  6. I have a suggestion for you. I'd like to get another female perspective but I'll have to email it to you. Not sure where to do that...can you DM me on Twitter? Thanks!

  7. I'd read your posts over there even if you didn't include those sexy pics. That being said, please don't stop including those sexy pics. Even if they are of flat butts.

    The Simple Dude

  8. looking forward to the first time sex etiquette... which is probably my fave (leaving me with all kinds of personal issues lol)

  9. @Rita: Looking forward to your suggestion, you always have such good ideas!

    @SD: No worries about the sexy pics. The editor and I are very like minded on what should accompany my articles. The Sexy pics will continue rest assured.

    @G: The First Time Sex Etiquette article should post on Thursday or Friday. I'll send a post here as well when it goes live. No judgement here friend!


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